11 October 2017

Reeling It In

Hello Loves,

Welp...this is it. This is me officially deciding that I need to reel it in bit. I have spent the last few years consumed in the world of YouTube. Trying to make my presence aware and struggling to find the balance between how much to share and how much to keep private. Walking the fine line between wholesome family vlog, and invading my family's privacy. Trying to keep up with the "big" YouTubers while not losing who I am at the same time. I love video taping my family's milestones, and capturing memories to keep forever. Having these moments saved so I can have them to recall when I have forgotten how my children sound at three years old when they laugh, or how the faces they made as infants. I love making these videos in montages that I can save, organize and find easily. But I am not enjoying the stress that I have placed on myself to meet deadlines for people I don't even know. I have not enjoyed spending hours editing vlogs while leaving my children in the background to play by themselves. I have not enjoyed missing out on sleep, and prioritizing vlogs over homework. I don't enjoy these things because the benefit does not out-weight the risk. This is my life, my ONE life. And I don't want to say that I watched it go by on the 3' LCD screen of my Cannon Powershot camera. I've missed blogging. Taking the time to sit down and allowing my fingers to do the talking. Sharing my thoughts, feelings, desires, and memories in words. Allowing my words to paint pictures and tell stories. I have no intention to stop taping my family, I just don't intend to share every one of those videos with the world. This is me realizing what is important and putting what matters first. This blog will the the place to which I will share updates, adventures, memories and more. However, there is no schedule. I will blog if I can, when I can. Until my next post enjoy some sweet photos of my favorite Tatum Tots!