22 August 2014

Kaylani {1 Month}

One month already! How can this be!?

I blinked, again, and here you are a whole 5 weeks old and I don't know how this happened.

With little effort to comfort and calm you, wonderful nursing skills, and smiles for everyone; you have officially hit the status of 'easy baby'. After experiencing 6 months of colic with your brother, I must admit that I am truly grateful for your easy going demeanor. Thank you sweet princess for sparing mommy and daddy some of our sanity.

You're a mama's girl to the fullest. At only 5 weeks you already prefer me over anyone else. Daddy always tells me to be quiet when he's holding you.  Just the sound of my voice alone will have you crying for me.

At 5 weeks old you're hitting a growth spurt. Cluster feeding and sleeping is currently your past time. And all of this eating and sleeping has really paid off, as you have plumped up real nicely the last few weeks. In fact, at 5 weeks old you have officially hit your brother's birth weight of 9lbs 12oz (man that big brother of yours was built solid!)

You currently nurse every 2 hours during the day but at night you are already choosing sleep over food. Waking only 1-2 times a night to eat. I still sleep right next to you. As much of a comfort as I am to you, you are to me as well. I am not sure when I will move out of your room, but for right now I cherish this time with you. I truly goes fast, you know.

Your eyes turn brighter blue with every passing day. While I am not ready to call it yet, I am pretty sure they are going to stay that way.

You are so alert. You have been since the minute you were born. Constantly taking in your surroundings. You have already mastered your head control and rock tummy time like a pro. In the past week we you have been starting to follow moving objects with strong intensity.

You despise the car. In the beginning we could get you calmed as long as the car was going over 45mph. These days it doesn't matter. From the time we strap you in until we have reached our destination, you let it be known that you are not happy.

Mommy needs surgery and a root canal so in the last week we have tried giving you a bottle of mama's liquid gold. You won't take it. A paci? Yes. A bottle? Absolutely not! If there is milk coming out of it, it better be a boob. Period. End of story. This makes things a bit difficult since we don't have an infant carrier, thus it is required for me to baby wear you. Baby wearing while having a root canal is just not possible, my love. We will have to figure this thing out.

You're smiling a lot these days. No closed mouth grins but big wide gummy smiles. We all love it!

We all love you, Princess!

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