30 July 2014

Introducing Baby #3

It's A Girl!

Kaylani Judith Marie Tatum
July 18, 2014
7lbs 10oz
20 1/4 in

After 9 stubborn days past her due date, only 4 1/2 hours of active labor, 2 short and easy pushes, and with no doctor/midwife present; Kaylani Judith Marie finally made her dainty appearance into this world. She is tall (oh so tall), yet still tiny as can be. 

Labor and Delivery Video (Footage)
can be found HERE

Sissy adores her! She had really hoped it was a girl.

Brother has been taking her in little by little, but she is slowly growing on him. 

And daddy of course, couldn't be happier!

Mommy and Daddy are exhausted and we are all still very much adjusting to life as 5 (ahh, Kev and I are officially out numbered), but we so grateful for such a healthy and happy baby!

Welcome to the family Miss Kaylani, we sure do love you, tiny princess!

Labor and Delivery Video (Story)
can be found HERE

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