08 April 2014

{24 Weeks} with baby #3

I swear the weeks are flying by! While I have had a few major pregnancy events occur in the past month, it has really been a pretty uneventful 4 weeks.

At 21 weeks, I had the worst gallbladder attack after a morning breakfast of poptarts. Only a few hours into my work day I was unable to bear the pain any longer and was taken to the ER by a fellow coworker. Let's just say  1 MRI, 1 chest x-ray, 1 pelvic exam, 2 ultrasounds, 2 shots of morphine, and 6 hours later the doctor was able to tell me that I have a bad gallbladder, however, since there is no visible sign of infection or inflammation there is nothing that can/will be done at this point in my pregnancy. I was given directions on how to follow a low/no fat diet and told to wait it out until after baby is born.

This hasn't been going too well. I totally fail at self control and then I hate myself for hours afterwards. This gallbladder pain is seriously no joke!

At 22 weeks, heartburn and acid reflux kicked in big time! I had this problem with all of pregnancies so I knew it was coming. Luckily we are fully stocked on Zantac and I have been able to keep it at bay (for for the most part).

This week I started running again as well. It felt so good to get back into the swing of things and with as much as I have been eating lately I needed the extra boost of metabolic burn to ease some of the guilt.

At 23 weeks, I ran my second race during this pregnancy. I was only 5 weeks pregnant at my first race so as far as running goes, I was completely unaffected by the fact that I was pregnant. This time was much different. With the recent increase in my back pain due to terrible core strength, I have been forced to change a few things. I now run with a pregnancy back brace to help give my back a fighting chance. My speed is much slower than it used to be and breathing is a bit more difficult as this baby begins to push it's way up to my lungs. During my runs I usually feel really good. Running doesn't seem to be uncomfortable to painful, just different. It isn't until after the run is over that the pains kick in and suddenly I feel like I was hit by a bus. My back is definitely taking the brunt of it all and I was ready to call it quits after this weekend's St. Patty's Day race. However, at my recent OB appointment, my doctor encouraged me to keep going. He guided me though a few wonderful lower and middle back stretches, advised me to take shorter distance runs, and told be to alternate between elliptical and running. Being an avid runner himself he was very encouraging and proud of the fact that I was still running and being active.

Today, at 24 weeks and 1 day I am officially in the positive with my weight gain. As of today I have gained 10 lbs in total. My back is killing me and I am still balancing foods I want vs. foods that will set my gallbladder off. My little Tatum Tot is moving bunches and oodles; especially at night. For so many weeks now I have been trying to get Kevin to feel these baby stabs (as they are no longer butterfly flutters) and finally just a few days ago during the middle of the night Kev felt the movement of his final child in utero.

Not knowing the gender of this baby, having pretty much nothing bought for them, knowing I have no plans for a baby shower, and with nobody but myself being able to feel this sweet little prince/princess's kicks inside of me has had me a bit down. I want this baby to feel as special as the other two were and it seems that with the hustle and bustle of life and no place for us to call his/her own, he/she is just a forgotten soul. I was really happy that Daddy was able to finally feel the kicks of this baby and that someone besides myself was finally able to experience the lovely little spirit growing inside of me :-)

I have also be nesting like a crazy person lately. Cleaning everything; purging the kids playroom of old toys; washing and separating old baby cloths into boy/girl boxes that will be ready for when we find out the gender; and even blue printing the nursery (down to the art that will be hanging on the wall).

 With us finally hitting the stage of viability, I am really feeling the love for this little life and am excited to make my family whole :-)

Take a wild guess which side Baby K is on :-)

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