13 March 2014

{Week at a Glance} March 6 - March 13, 2014

Thursday of last week I gave up social media for lent. I am not religious in the slightest, however, I needed a serious break from the constant time spent Facebooking, Instagraming, Pinteresting, Snapchating, etc. I find myself so wrapped up in other peoples lives that I have noticed that I am not being present enough in mine. So I have decided to take a break from the social media that seems to be consuming my life. With me recently quitting my job as well, this is a perfect time to become present.

This past week has been a change for me. I often find myself searching through my phone for the icons I have become so programmed to touch the minute I turn the screen on. I instantly click the share button after taking a picture ready to upload it to Instagram, only to discover that is not an option anymore. While I have missed my connection to the outside world I have loved the time that I have regained with my children and family and have been taking full advantage of my stay-at-home mommy status and the beautiful sunshiny weather. 

Here are some highlights of our week, Enjoy :-)

Daddy teaching Kameron how to eat a burger like a man :-)

This little princess is becoming the most amazing, graceful ballerina.
I love watching her blossom!

Hello Sunshine! Daddy and Kaydence had some special one on one time 
working on our soon to be new fruit and vegetable garden!

Our first appliance breakdown since becoming homeowners. I never enjoy doing the laundry
but now that I have a legit excuse not to, I just want it back up and working.
This little big guy has decided that he doesn't like socks or shoes in the car anymore.

I despise the mall play areas. For one reason only; other peoples children! 
They are mean, rude,unfriendly, and bully's. What frustrates me most is that I 
seem to be the only parent regulating my children's behavior. Usually, too much poking 
of this mama bear takes place and then I end up yelling at children that aren't mine
 (someone needs to be a parent right!)

Kaydence was a little disappointed when I only put 3 colors (blue, yellow & red) in her
paint pallet. Until she discovered that I wasn't being cheap but that she could make other colors.
"Mama, come look! I just made greeeeeen!"
"Mama, mama! If you mix red and blue you can make purple!"
I love when she discovers the magic of the world all on her own.


My Running backdrops this week. I have been loving the weather and so has the kids. With my
abdominal separation and hernia, my core is completely shot. Recently, my back has been
suffering from the loss of core support. Bad back + bad core = one unhappy runner.
I feel great during my runs, it's only after that I realize how much it hurts :-/
We will see how this running for two journey turns out.

She becomes more and more of a "big girl" everyday! What a personality this little spirit has!

This guy was having some "knee" pain. Turns out that his earlier upper respiratory 
infection led to Toxic Synovitis. (A condition that is caused by a viral infection 
that sometimes settles in the hip joint. The virus causes swelling at the hip joint and 
makes it painful to walk.) He of course doesn't know what his hip is called, 
so he just called it his knee, cute boy.

Let us not forget this little one :-) He/She is growing big and moving lots.
at 23 weeks I am still finding myself forgetting I am pregnant. These
rugrats of mine are keeping me busy, so I have been spending some extra time pampering
myself with relaxing baths at the end of the night and talking to this little one of mine
who is forced to endure the chaos of our everyday. 


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