20 March 2014

{Week at a Glance} March 13 - March 20, 2014

This week there are fewer pictures but still some really wonderful, great memories.

{One of my favorite moments}

Walking through the grocery store and hearing the distinct sound of a ukulele. The Hawaiian hearted girl in me wanted to know where this magical island music was coming from. So I followed the sound and discovered the source of the Hawaiian melody was from a sweet Samoan kid playing his ukulele right along-side his mother, who shopped peacefully and completely undisturbed by the large number of curious eyes.

I envied the mother and the son for their ability to be so unaware of the judgmental looks. And just between you and I, I kind of followed them throughout the store. The ukulele brought me back to the island and I wanted to hold onto that moment for as long as I could.

{One of my favorite conversations}

This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out with my husband's sister. She is such a fun spirit and it is always a pleasure to have her around. On Sunday evening she bought us dinner (or rather the makings for dinner) and after coming back from the store hubby made a delicious Shepard's Pie.

Kevin: "Babe, Not only did Karen buy ALL of the groceries for dinner, she also filled up the gas tank while she was out."

Me: "KAREN!!"

Karen: "Huh?! It was an accident...The gas just fell in there."

This week I embraced my African American side. Since the big
chop almost a year ago, my hair has officially hit the inbetween
phase, and after much encouragement from my husband I finally
picked it out and let my fro flow proudly :-) I love how
supportive and loving he has been through all of my hair phases.

I officially began my new job this week.
I am now part-time nanny to this cutie!
 Lucky me right?!

This week I ran a St. Patty's Day 10k.
Running for Two blog coming soon with more details.

This cutie has begun to voluntarily sit on the potty.
He still isn't putting anything in it, but sitting is a big step for us!




Yesterday was a 'Free Day' for all Washington State Parks. We took advantage of this and headed to the state park just 10 minutes from our home, and I am so glad we did. Beautiful wooded hiking trails met by the perfect serenity of sand and water. Two completely different exeriences in one trip. We all LOVED being out of the house and surrounded by nature. It was truly a wonderful evening!

Oh, and this happened! We had our septic tank pumped yesterday.
That thing was full to the brim, I am glad Kev and I decided to check on
it. If we would have waited any longer it would have been bad news.
There is still so much to learn about this home owning experience!
Good thing we only have to tear apart a portion of my lawn every 3-4 years :-)
Kev was happy to be the first to contribute his waste to our newly pumped
septic tank. Oh the joys! 

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