30 January 2014

{17 Weeks} with Baby #3

Well, I am officially 17 weeks into this baby growing process. Since my last update at 13 weeks I have had a whirlwind of new and even some slightly annoying symptoms. I promised myself that I would embrace the good and the bad of this last pregnancy, but it is really hard to be joyful and peachy when you feel so crumby. Add a nasty cold that has lingered for three weeks and the unexpected death of my grandma just one week ago, and you have one miserable mama right now. So please excuse me while I complain for a moment.

:: Symptoms ::

Nausea -- Pretty much non-existent right now. I have my days where it creeps up on me, however, my medication is doing its job well. As long as I remember to take it I am feeling pretty good.

Energy -- My energy levels are slowly rising and during the day I feel pretty good. It's only at night after the kids go to bed that I realize how exhausted I truly am. I think this has more to do with the fact that I am a mama of two little rascals rather than the fact that I am pregnant. Or maybe it's a combination of the both. Growing babies is hard work and rearing babies is even more exhausting.

Appetite -- I still struggle with my appetite. Some days I feel like I could eat a kitchen's worth of food and other days you couldn't pay me to eat more than a banana. At my recent 16 week check up I gained 5lbs backs from the 10 I had lost. This puts my total weight gain at -5lbs.

Gas -- Hello gas! Really it is minimal at this point, but it has begun. My husband can attest to this wonderful new symptom, as he is the one who has the benefit of enjoying my wonderful flatulent
tunes during the night.

Gallbladder Pain -- This is something I have never experienced before and is by far one of the most painful stomach pains that I have experienced (aside from labor). It is a tight, sharp, painful cramp that occurs only minutes after eating anything that's not usually a fruit or vegetable. I have an upcoming appointment with a nutritionist to discuss trigger foods and how to maintain a diet that will keep the gallbladder attacks under control. Lucky for me, besides diet management there is nothing I can do until after the baby is born. And even then I am looking at surgery...blah.

Stuffy Nose -- I can't breath and it sucks! Period.

Sore Gums -- This happened in my pregnancy with Kameron as well. I make it a point to be extra diligent about brushing and flossing multiple times a day, but this pesky gum pain has persisted the past week.

:: Cravings ::

Cucumbers -- I can't get enough of them, but only with ranch.

At my most recent 16 week check-up Kaydence and Kameron accompanied me. Sitting still for 45 minutes is not something they enjoy doing, so when the doctor finally arrived their patience was thin and they were ready to go.  We listened to the baby's heartbeat again and it took no time at all to find the rapid 160bpm flutter of this precious little one growing contently inside of me. I had the pleasure of enjoying this methodical tune through the chaos of fighting and screaming. Lets just say the moment was far from the magical experience I had envisioned it to be. I pictured Kaydence and Kameron both smiling fondly as they listened to the fast pace lub-dub of their newest siblings heart. This was of course not the case and was far from the reality of what actually happened. It was in those split seconds that I pictured my future life with three kids and a tinge of fear shot over me. The reality of the fact that in just five short months I will be a mother of three children all under the age of five years old. In just months one tiny little person will change our lives dramatically (again). A new little body will occupy one of the rooms in our home, our house will be rearranged and changed and our budget will need to account for one more. A minivan will be bought and three car seats will occupy the back. Three different naps schedules, three different needs, three different likes, three different wants, three different personalities. I will no longer have 'one of each' and my baby boy will be a big brother. I always only wanted two, but I think I am slowly falling in love with the new number three. As scary as it all may still seem.

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