24 January 2014

{The Name Game } Guess our baby's Name! CLOSED

Ok everyone. Tuesday was the first day that we were able to find out the gender of our little Tatum Tot. As most of you now know, Kevin and I have decided we do not want to know the gender of our baby until the birth. While you all have been very supportive in this decision, I know many of you are a tad bit disappointed. The big gender reveal is always so exciting, and gives everybody something to look forward to in the long process of the baby growing journey.

Well, since we will not be finding out the gender of baby #3, I have decided to create a fun and interactive way to announce our chosen baby names. Our name reveal will be a contest; a riddle for both names. There will be one single winner per name and prize for those who guess correctly.

So who's in?!

Contest Details, Rules, and Restrictions:

1. You can only submit ONE GUESS per gender. This means you will only have one message/comment with with your boy name guess and your girl name guess. However, you will be allowed two different spelling variations of those names. 

(For example your message will be as follows:   Boy - Kayden/Kaiden, Girl - Lexi/Lexy)

2. Please submit your guess via private message to fulloveit@gmail.com. This ensures that other's will not be able to see and steal your guess. 

3. The winner must have the correct name and spelling in order to be qualified. 

4. If multiple people guess the name correctly, the winner will be chosen via Random.org. There can be multiple winners. If only one person guesses the boy's name correctly and another person only guesses the girl's name correctly then there will be two winners. If one single person guess both names correctly they will be the automatic winner. If multiple people guess both names correctly then the winner will be chosen via Random.org.

5. You will have until Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 11:59pm Pacific/Standard Time to submit your entry. 

6. Winners will receive an item of their choice valued at $30 or less from Fulloveit Boutique.

Let the fun begin!!!


If this gender is just like dad, 
super for sure will be this lad.
His names' not of this earthly place,
It originates in outer space.
A "K" of course begins his name, 
A small tradition remains the same.
As kryptic as this riddle may read,
It contains all of the clues that you'll need.


If this gender is just like mom,
From Hawaii her name will come.
Her name will mean where clouds reside,
As well as water that has a tide.
The last clue to end this game.
The letter "K" will start her name.

Good Luck Everyone!


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