27 January 2014

{The Name Game Winner Revealed}

Just five short days ago I found out one of the most important people and by far the most inspirational woman of my life passed away very unexpectedly. This has been a very difficult time for me and I have been an emotional wreck as I process this news and grieve this tragic loss. My heart has never hurt so much in my entire life and I truly feel that a part of me will forever be missing without her.

My grandma was much more than a grandmother to me. Helping to raise and mold me into the woman I am am today, she more of a mother. My heart does not have the strength right now to write about her, I am not ready to accept the fact that she is really gone. 

So instead I have turned to the precious life growing so strongly inside of me as inspiration. One week ago I was offered the opportunity to find out the gender of my baby. This is something that Kevin and I have both decided we do not want to know until the birth. So instead of celebrating the gender of our baby I thought I would make a game of some sort to help announce our name choices. This was a distraction and a fun way to celebrate the life of my unborn child.

Little did I know this game would be yet another source of pain and disappointment. I have always been told that after your first child people stop caring when you have other babies, and never has that felt so true. 

I have decided to not reveal our chosen names. The lack of participation and views on that blog post clearly says enough. Call this grief, call me a witchy pregnant lady, call it whatever you like. I am in no mood to care. 

I would like to thank the two people (Jasmin & Sara) who participated in my 'Baby Name Riddle Game.' Due to lack of participation and since both ladies guessed both names correctly you both will receive the prize (please inbox me for details). To everybody else, we will reveal the baby's name on their birthday.

Happy Monday :-)

I had a change of heart. Find out our baby names HERE.

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