12 January 2014

{My Dearest Kameron} Kameron at Two

  • Favorite Color: Unknown
  • Favorite Food: Anything Edible
  • Favorite Friend: Sissy
  • Favorite Show: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  • Favorite Drink: Milk
  • Favorite Toy: Bubbly Wrap & Boxes

My Dearest Kameron,

     I always wanted a little boy. Being one of five girls my life was a constant web of pink, bows, dolls and all things girly. Having you was my dream come true. As I held you in my arms the seconds after you were born, I fantasized about playing with hot wheels, dinosaurs and Legos. I imagined your first baseball game and wondered at what age you would outgrow me. 

     Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the shenanigans you would get yourself into in your first two years of life. Born at nearly 10lbs, I knew you would be a big boy. The stubborn nature that precluded your birth and kept you inside of me tens days after your due date has followed you outside of the womb. You do everything on your terms and there is no convincing you otherwise. You are a loud, giggly boy who enjoys a good game of tickles and is amused by the slightest change in facial expressions. You are strong, out powering your weak mother at only two. I rarely try to fight your strength, leaving things that require muscle and manpower up to your dad. You are rough and tumbly by nature which usually has me in a panic 80% of the time. At only nine months old you decided crawling was overrated and by 18 months you were a full fledged jumper. Both feet off of the ground, jumping over and off anything that you could climb/find. You are tough Kameron, tough my son. I am pretty sure you should have died by now, but somehow you survive it all. Often without a single "owe." In your two short years of life you have fallen 7ft through a faulty stairwell banister in which you were rushed to the emergency room with a concussion and a gnarly knot on the back of your head. You have already experience surgery; and most recently you have taken another pretty hard hit to the head. Scaring your mom and dad so much that we were forced to call 911 after you went into shock, turned pale white, and became lethargic and somewhat unresponsive. These don't include the other hundreds of falls, minor head bangs, burns and other trouble you have found. I knew raising a boy was going to be hard on my mama heart, but never did I imagine it would be this difficult this early. Your rough and rugged natures is something that scares me everyday. I just want to keep you well and injury free for as long as I can. At only two, you seem so physically capable but still so young to be able to do all the things you want. 

     I admire your drive, your tenacity, your brute force; and I love the soft squishy side of you that loves to cuddle in my lap after a nap. You adore your sister; mimicking her good and her bad. You are learning so much and are so smart already. Everyday your speech, fine motor, gross motor and signing abilities impress me. You are not a fan of toys. Colorful, plastic, manufactured kids items just aren't your thing. Nothing keeps you entertained like a good box, bubble wrap, or a paper towel roll. You love to give kisses, especially wet slobbery ones and you apologize for EVERYTHING; even for things other people do. Your pouty lips and big blue eyes pretty much get you everything you want, add the cutest little "pwease" while rubbing a flat hand against your chest (sign for please) and you've got more cookies than you asked for. 

P.S. Even daddy can't resist. In fact you have him wrapped around your little finger.

     At two years old you are truly everything I ever wanted in a son and more. Continue to be you, baby boy. Follow your heart, shoot for the moon with all of your dreams, please be careful and always come back to mama. With slobbery wet kisses, pouty lips and big blue eyes, Mama will always be here for a good cuddle (and maybe even another cookie)!

Mommy and Daddy Love you Kameron!

Kameron's 2nd Year of Life in Video (Click Here)

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