30 January 2014

{17 Weeks} with Baby #3

Well, I am officially 17 weeks into this baby growing process. Since my last update at 13 weeks I have had a whirlwind of new and even some slightly annoying symptoms. I promised myself that I would embrace the good and the bad of this last pregnancy, but it is really hard to be joyful and peachy when you feel so crumby. Add a nasty cold that has lingered for three weeks and the unexpected death of my grandma just one week ago, and you have one miserable mama right now. So please excuse me while I complain for a moment.

:: Symptoms ::

Nausea -- Pretty much non-existent right now. I have my days where it creeps up on me, however, my medication is doing its job well. As long as I remember to take it I am feeling pretty good.

Energy -- My energy levels are slowly rising and during the day I feel pretty good. It's only at night after the kids go to bed that I realize how exhausted I truly am. I think this has more to do with the fact that I am a mama of two little rascals rather than the fact that I am pregnant. Or maybe it's a combination of the both. Growing babies is hard work and rearing babies is even more exhausting.

Appetite -- I still struggle with my appetite. Some days I feel like I could eat a kitchen's worth of food and other days you couldn't pay me to eat more than a banana. At my recent 16 week check up I gained 5lbs backs from the 10 I had lost. This puts my total weight gain at -5lbs.

Gas -- Hello gas! Really it is minimal at this point, but it has begun. My husband can attest to this wonderful new symptom, as he is the one who has the benefit of enjoying my wonderful flatulent
tunes during the night.

Gallbladder Pain -- This is something I have never experienced before and is by far one of the most painful stomach pains that I have experienced (aside from labor). It is a tight, sharp, painful cramp that occurs only minutes after eating anything that's not usually a fruit or vegetable. I have an upcoming appointment with a nutritionist to discuss trigger foods and how to maintain a diet that will keep the gallbladder attacks under control. Lucky for me, besides diet management there is nothing I can do until after the baby is born. And even then I am looking at surgery...blah.

Stuffy Nose -- I can't breath and it sucks! Period.

Sore Gums -- This happened in my pregnancy with Kameron as well. I make it a point to be extra diligent about brushing and flossing multiple times a day, but this pesky gum pain has persisted the past week.

:: Cravings ::

Cucumbers -- I can't get enough of them, but only with ranch.

At my most recent 16 week check-up Kaydence and Kameron accompanied me. Sitting still for 45 minutes is not something they enjoy doing, so when the doctor finally arrived their patience was thin and they were ready to go.  We listened to the baby's heartbeat again and it took no time at all to find the rapid 160bpm flutter of this precious little one growing contently inside of me. I had the pleasure of enjoying this methodical tune through the chaos of fighting and screaming. Lets just say the moment was far from the magical experience I had envisioned it to be. I pictured Kaydence and Kameron both smiling fondly as they listened to the fast pace lub-dub of their newest siblings heart. This was of course not the case and was far from the reality of what actually happened. It was in those split seconds that I pictured my future life with three kids and a tinge of fear shot over me. The reality of the fact that in just five short months I will be a mother of three children all under the age of five years old. In just months one tiny little person will change our lives dramatically (again). A new little body will occupy one of the rooms in our home, our house will be rearranged and changed and our budget will need to account for one more. A minivan will be bought and three car seats will occupy the back. Three different naps schedules, three different needs, three different likes, three different wants, three different personalities. I will no longer have 'one of each' and my baby boy will be a big brother. I always only wanted two, but I think I am slowly falling in love with the new number three. As scary as it all may still seem.

27 January 2014

{The Name Game Winner Revealed}

Just five short days ago I found out one of the most important people and by far the most inspirational woman of my life passed away very unexpectedly. This has been a very difficult time for me and I have been an emotional wreck as I process this news and grieve this tragic loss. My heart has never hurt so much in my entire life and I truly feel that a part of me will forever be missing without her.

My grandma was much more than a grandmother to me. Helping to raise and mold me into the woman I am am today, she more of a mother. My heart does not have the strength right now to write about her, I am not ready to accept the fact that she is really gone. 

So instead I have turned to the precious life growing so strongly inside of me as inspiration. One week ago I was offered the opportunity to find out the gender of my baby. This is something that Kevin and I have both decided we do not want to know until the birth. So instead of celebrating the gender of our baby I thought I would make a game of some sort to help announce our name choices. This was a distraction and a fun way to celebrate the life of my unborn child.

Little did I know this game would be yet another source of pain and disappointment. I have always been told that after your first child people stop caring when you have other babies, and never has that felt so true. 

I have decided to not reveal our chosen names. The lack of participation and views on that blog post clearly says enough. Call this grief, call me a witchy pregnant lady, call it whatever you like. I am in no mood to care. 

I would like to thank the two people (Jasmin & Sara) who participated in my 'Baby Name Riddle Game.' Due to lack of participation and since both ladies guessed both names correctly you both will receive the prize (please inbox me for details). To everybody else, we will reveal the baby's name on their birthday.

Happy Monday :-)

I had a change of heart. Find out our baby names HERE.

24 January 2014

{The Name Game } Guess our baby's Name! CLOSED

Ok everyone. Tuesday was the first day that we were able to find out the gender of our little Tatum Tot. As most of you now know, Kevin and I have decided we do not want to know the gender of our baby until the birth. While you all have been very supportive in this decision, I know many of you are a tad bit disappointed. The big gender reveal is always so exciting, and gives everybody something to look forward to in the long process of the baby growing journey.

Well, since we will not be finding out the gender of baby #3, I have decided to create a fun and interactive way to announce our chosen baby names. Our name reveal will be a contest; a riddle for both names. There will be one single winner per name and prize for those who guess correctly.

So who's in?!

Contest Details, Rules, and Restrictions:

1. You can only submit ONE GUESS per gender. This means you will only have one message/comment with with your boy name guess and your girl name guess. However, you will be allowed two different spelling variations of those names. 

(For example your message will be as follows:   Boy - Kayden/Kaiden, Girl - Lexi/Lexy)

2. Please submit your guess via private message to fulloveit@gmail.com. This ensures that other's will not be able to see and steal your guess. 

3. The winner must have the correct name and spelling in order to be qualified. 

4. If multiple people guess the name correctly, the winner will be chosen via Random.org. There can be multiple winners. If only one person guesses the boy's name correctly and another person only guesses the girl's name correctly then there will be two winners. If one single person guess both names correctly they will be the automatic winner. If multiple people guess both names correctly then the winner will be chosen via Random.org.

5. You will have until Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 11:59pm Pacific/Standard Time to submit your entry. 

6. Winners will receive an item of their choice valued at $30 or less from Fulloveit Boutique.

Let the fun begin!!!


If this gender is just like dad, 
super for sure will be this lad.
His names' not of this earthly place,
It originates in outer space.
A "K" of course begins his name, 
A small tradition remains the same.
As kryptic as this riddle may read,
It contains all of the clues that you'll need.


If this gender is just like mom,
From Hawaii her name will come.
Her name will mean where clouds reside,
As well as water that has a tide.
The last clue to end this game.
The letter "K" will start her name.

Good Luck Everyone!


16 January 2014

{Let It Go}

Sometimes Often I find myself discouraged by things that are out of my control. Accusing the universe of being unfair and unkind. Wondering how I/we got put into this situation and why? I find myself so wrapped up in the negative that I often times overlook the abundance of good all around me.

Part of my problem is that I want what I want, how I want it, right now! Period. But what I am beginning to understand is that this is not the way of the world. This mindset is childish and flawed. And to think that I have that amount of control in this chaotic, beautiful life of mine is just plain silly. If things were that simple nobody would struggle, hardships would be non-existent and strife limited.

From the day I was conceived I was dealt a hand. Every card initially given to me was out of my control. A random draw from the universe. I did not choose a drug addicted mom, a non-existent father, four sisters, brown eyes, curly hair, or the large birthmark on my right thigh. This was the hand I was dealt and I played it accordingly. Sometimes my decisions weren't the most favorable. I put down a card I should have kept, I kept I card I should I have laid down, and I drew a card that didn't seem to fit anywhere in my hand. Each day I play the hand that makes most sense in that moment and sometimes I "lose" and sometimes I "win".

This my friends is life. It is full of happiness and pure joy, and at times sorrow and disappointment. Every decision I make, every opportunity I get, every chance I take (or pass) takes me down another path of life. Sometimes I have a choice and sometimes life just deals me another card that I am forced to figure out.

As I grow on this journey of life I am beginning to realize a few things.

1.)  People (family, friends, acquaintances, enemies) will come and go. They will encourage, support and uplift you. And sometimes they will disappoint, discourage, and disgust you. Let not their actions affect your happiness or self worth. This is something I have had to learn the hard way lately. You've got to learn to just let it go.

2.) Being so wrapped up in your own problems, happiness, wants, needs and desires makes you blind to those around you. Sometimes it is good to step a little bit outside of yourself, so you can observe the plan ahead and the placement of those around you. Often, you will see how incredibly selfish and self-centered you're being. Take this time to truly notice your children, your grandchildren, your friends your family. Spend more time with the ones you love. You never know when they will no longer be around for you to avoid.

3.) Blaming others/the universe for your problems will do you no good. Adapt and overcome; this is all you can do. Questioning your pitfalls, short comings and bad luck will get you nowhere but more confused and angry. Accept what is for simply that. And instead of dwelling on something you cannot change, move forward and overcome. You've got to learn to just let it go.

4.) Patience is a virtue. Don't allow yourself to be so wrapped up in what's in the future, that you forget to live in the here and now. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and do what you can today, right now. When you stop trying to force the world to happen when you want, you will find that it will happen when it's right. Because all things happen naturally, if you just allow them to. Patience is hard for me. I want my unborn child's room together right now; I want the garden completed today; and I want a new minivan, new kitchen cabinets, new den curtains and the hallway painted tomorrow. I want it all and I want it all now! I am learning to slow down, to understand that there is a process for everything, and that if I just relax things will happen in due time.

5.) Kids makes a mess, they spill things, they yell, they fight with their siblings and they drive you batty at times. They are kids. They must make a mistake to learn. They must use too much glitter to know how much, too much glitter is. Sibling rivalry is inevitable and sometimes you just have to let it happen. Screeching is loud but in the grand scheme of things how bad is it really? Embrace them while they are young, savor these moments, and for goodness sake allow yourself to laugh. Rearing children isn't easy. Just when you think it's hard, it gets harder. What I would give for a screaming infant some days; and how I laugh at the times when I thought one child was "hard." These moments are few and fleeting. They are over before you know it and once they are gone they are gone. Learn to just let the small things go. Glitter can be vacuumed, milk mopped, clothes washed and faces cleaned.

6.) Don't be greedy and boastful. Not only are they just ugly qualities, they also have a way of coming back around and slapping you in the face. Greed is a deadly sin. Don't take more than you can handle, it's wasteful. And know that the universe has it's way of balancing things out. What may be abundant to you one day, could be gone tomorrow. On the other hand, Boastfulness is a quality nobody enjoys. We are all good at some things and bad at others. Money comes and goes and there is no guarantee that what you have now will be there tomorrow. Be humble. Appreciate the things you have but also realize that what you value may not be important to others. Boasting just makes you look foolish and silly. Close your mouth and listen the world around you. Enjoy the conversations of others and stop trying to be the center of attention.

7.) You control your own happiness. Life ebbs and flows, it waxes and wanes and while there are good and bad days your happiness is your choice. Blaming other's for your unhappiness is not only unfair but is untrue. It is as asinine as blaming your cat for overeating. Rather than spending your time blaming someone else for how miserable you are, do something! If you are or were unhappy you choose to be there because you choose not to change it. That is no one else's fault but your own. Never put your happiness in someone Else's hands, and never be afraid to fight for it.

There is so much good in our everyday. I am learning to slow down and live in the moment. I am spending more time observing the world around me and learning to enjoy the special moments. Waking up earlier than the kids to bask in the moments of silence before the chaos. Keeping my priorities on target without forgetting my limitations. I am learning that this world does not revolve around me, while still making sure my feelings are heard. I am learning to be more patient, more kind, and less passive aggressive. Most of all I am learning to let it go. Life's unfair. People get things they don't deserve, while those who deserve it are left high and dry. I can't let myself become discouraged by everything I am unable to control. I will celebrate in other's triumph and and adapt when things don't go my way. Because while sometimes life may not be the party I had hoped for, I am might as well dance while I am here. 

12 January 2014

{My Dearest Kameron} Kameron at Two

  • Favorite Color: Unknown
  • Favorite Food: Anything Edible
  • Favorite Friend: Sissy
  • Favorite Show: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  • Favorite Drink: Milk
  • Favorite Toy: Bubbly Wrap & Boxes

My Dearest Kameron,

     I always wanted a little boy. Being one of five girls my life was a constant web of pink, bows, dolls and all things girly. Having you was my dream come true. As I held you in my arms the seconds after you were born, I fantasized about playing with hot wheels, dinosaurs and Legos. I imagined your first baseball game and wondered at what age you would outgrow me. 

     Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the shenanigans you would get yourself into in your first two years of life. Born at nearly 10lbs, I knew you would be a big boy. The stubborn nature that precluded your birth and kept you inside of me tens days after your due date has followed you outside of the womb. You do everything on your terms and there is no convincing you otherwise. You are a loud, giggly boy who enjoys a good game of tickles and is amused by the slightest change in facial expressions. You are strong, out powering your weak mother at only two. I rarely try to fight your strength, leaving things that require muscle and manpower up to your dad. You are rough and tumbly by nature which usually has me in a panic 80% of the time. At only nine months old you decided crawling was overrated and by 18 months you were a full fledged jumper. Both feet off of the ground, jumping over and off anything that you could climb/find. You are tough Kameron, tough my son. I am pretty sure you should have died by now, but somehow you survive it all. Often without a single "owe." In your two short years of life you have fallen 7ft through a faulty stairwell banister in which you were rushed to the emergency room with a concussion and a gnarly knot on the back of your head. You have already experience surgery; and most recently you have taken another pretty hard hit to the head. Scaring your mom and dad so much that we were forced to call 911 after you went into shock, turned pale white, and became lethargic and somewhat unresponsive. These don't include the other hundreds of falls, minor head bangs, burns and other trouble you have found. I knew raising a boy was going to be hard on my mama heart, but never did I imagine it would be this difficult this early. Your rough and rugged natures is something that scares me everyday. I just want to keep you well and injury free for as long as I can. At only two, you seem so physically capable but still so young to be able to do all the things you want. 

     I admire your drive, your tenacity, your brute force; and I love the soft squishy side of you that loves to cuddle in my lap after a nap. You adore your sister; mimicking her good and her bad. You are learning so much and are so smart already. Everyday your speech, fine motor, gross motor and signing abilities impress me. You are not a fan of toys. Colorful, plastic, manufactured kids items just aren't your thing. Nothing keeps you entertained like a good box, bubble wrap, or a paper towel roll. You love to give kisses, especially wet slobbery ones and you apologize for EVERYTHING; even for things other people do. Your pouty lips and big blue eyes pretty much get you everything you want, add the cutest little "pwease" while rubbing a flat hand against your chest (sign for please) and you've got more cookies than you asked for. 

P.S. Even daddy can't resist. In fact you have him wrapped around your little finger.

     At two years old you are truly everything I ever wanted in a son and more. Continue to be you, baby boy. Follow your heart, shoot for the moon with all of your dreams, please be careful and always come back to mama. With slobbery wet kisses, pouty lips and big blue eyes, Mama will always be here for a good cuddle (and maybe even another cookie)!

Mommy and Daddy Love you Kameron!

Kameron's 2nd Year of Life in Video (Click Here)

03 January 2014

{13 Weeks} with Baby #3

13 Weeks! We are inching our way to the second trimester. And this past week has been a good one for me, pregnancy wise.

Christmas Eve I had my 12 week OB appointment. It was pretty short, straight forward and uneventful. I am three deep into this pregnancy thing now. My concerns are low, my questions few, and time precious. We were able to listen to the baby's heartbeat via fetal doppler and our little Tatum Tot is doing great.

:: Weight Gain ::

I have officially lost 10lbs since my last appointment four weeks ago. The nausea, vomiting and aversion to all things food made it difficult to eat. The doctor scolded me for not calling earlier and gave me a prescription for Zofran to help curb the nausea and bring back my appetite.

:: Symptoms ::

I have learned that not taking the Zofran leaves me feeling sick and tired. Without the medicine I am averaging about 1000 calories mostly after 11pm (the only time I can stomach anything).

However, with my Zofran my appetite is pretty normal and nausea almost non-existent. I still don't eat as much as I should but I can definitely feel my energy slowly returning. This past week has been the best by far, I even started working out again. Fingers crossed that I am actually coming to the end of the nasty 1st trimester blues.

:: Craving/Aversions ::

SALT: Since being diagnosed with Meniere's Disease this past June, I have been on a strict low sodium diet. Meniere's Disease is a inner ear fluid imbalance that causes random and violent attacks of vertigo. One second I am fine, the next second my ears are ringing (louder than they normally do) and I am instantly on a merry-go-round that I cannot get off. The episodes last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours and always include severe nausea and sometimes vomiting. I am unable to walk, drive, move or even care for my kids. I just sit and wait for the ride to end. They are not sure what causes or triggers the attacks, however there have been ties to caffeine and salt as they have a tendency to mess with the fluid regulation of your body. Therefore, I have been set up with a nutritionist and have learned to manage my salt and caffeine intake to help manage my episodes. While most people check the nutrition information for calories or fat, I check for salt (ps. It's in everything, and in large quantities most of the time!) My last vertigo attack was the beginning of November and I have been vertigo free for almost 2 months. My ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) Specialist believes this has a lot to do with my pregnancy. Apparently these wacky hormones of mine affect my fluid balance and can often times send pregnant women with Meniere's into remission during their pregnancy. I have not wanted to test that theory though, so I have been steering clear of salt as normal...until this week. Salt and vinegar chips have been calling my name as well as juicy fat pickles. I have been willingly giving into these cravings, happy that I am craving anything at all and selfishly loving every salty bite. So far so good, but the reality of the matter is the vertigo attacks are absolutely NOT worth it and I know this is one craving I will have to fight. Hubby has bought me some low sodium pickles to eat sparingly. Hopefully this can please my cravings without sending me into a spin.

Kaydence is becoming very excited about her new baby sister. She is dead set it's a girl and doesn't even want to talk about the possibility of the other option. I have a pretty good feeling she may be right. My gut is just telling me it's another little princess in there, but I still have no urge to find out early. This waiting game is kinda fun and the unknown keeps the pregnancy exciting. Kam is still oblivious to what is happening although if you mention a baby he becomes a little more cuddly and clingy. Today I pointed to my belly and said "Baby" and he hit my belly and said "NO"; I take this as a clear sign that he is not liking this baby talk. He doesn't like when I love too much on my friends babies and I find myself cuddling this big/little guy of mine a little more lately. Savoring every moment while he is still my baby.

Week 12 was a step in the right direction and I am feeling optimistic for the weeks to come.

Until next time...