12 December 2013

{Week 10} Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Today I officially hit double digits in this pregnancy, and nothing has really changed since last week.


  • Nausea - I still feel sick most days. While the nausea isn't lasting all day like it was in the past, it is still pretty prevalent and is definitely affecting my appetite. I have come to realize that I have the best appetite and least amount of nausea late at night. Therefore, most of my eating is done at midnight or later. 

  • Fatigue - Fatigue is still kicking my butt. I find myself taking naps in my car during my lunch breaks instead of eating. I still haven't had the energy or desire to start running or working out again, which makes me feel very defeated at times. 

  • I am still not having much of any cravings. Again, I think this has a lot to do with my nausea.

::Weight Gain::
  • Since last week I have lost two more pounds; bringing my total weight "gain" to -3lbs. Since I was technically considered "overweight" before finding out I was pregnant, this weight loss isn't a concern to either me or my OB. 

Last week I had my follow-up ultrasound from the original one at 7 weeks. My recent 9 week ultrasound, once again, confirmed the due date I had already anticipated. It also showed a healthy, wiggly baby with a heart rate of 163. To the left of this healthy little bean was an empty sac. That's right folks, there were two babies inside this belly of mine at one point. Apparently, this is known as Vanishing Twin Syndrome in which one of the fetuses in a a twin pregnancy spontaneously aborts, usually during the first trimester.

Top picture is our healthy Tatum Tot
Bottom picture is now an empty sac 

Currently I am feeling ok with what has happened. While part of me wonders what could have been; most of me is relieved and so happy that I still have one healthy baby. I must admit I feel like I see and hear about twins everywhere now (outside of the fact that my husband is an identical twin.) Kevin and I have always said that three children was our max, and I have always told him that it would be the universes joke to us to give us twins on our last pregnancy...we came close :-) I am really loving the number 3 though, it is a great number!

Until week 11...here's to hoping for a nausea free and energetic week ahead. Fingers crossed!!


  1. Tamika DuBarry13 June, 2014 21:36

    I LOVE your facial expressions in your pictures. This one is a mix of surprise/fake smile/hiding your fatigue and drowsiness. LOL. I'm glad you guys took the news of the Vanishing Twin Syndrome that occurred well. That could be hard for some people to take in, but it's all a part of God's master plan and obviously He only wanted you to have one... which is what you guys wanted too. :-) Thanks for teaching us about this though, I had never heard about it until it happened with you. And I agree.... 3 IS a GREAT number! :-)

    1. Tamika DuBarry13 June, 2014 21:38

      Your face is telling me, "I want to get back in bed!" LOL :-)