14 November 2013

{Running for Two} Part 1

(Written November 11, 2013)

Yesterday I ran the National Veterans Day 11k. I originally signed up for this race three weeks ago as a way to get myself motivated and running again. I had been on somewhat of a hiatus, partly due to my busy schedule but mostly due to pure laziness. With that said my last run was a short 6.5 mile run on September 27th. Seeing as though I am only 5.5 weeks pregnant, yesterdays 11k would make it not only the first time I ran in over a month, but also my first run while pregnant. Since finding out I was pregnant 11 days ago I have been doing a lot of research in regards to running while pregnant. Everything has told me that as an experienced runner I am find to continue; I just need to listen to my body, eat healthy, stay hydrated and don't allow myself to become overheated.

So when showing up to the star line on race day I really had no clue what to expect. With this being my third pregnancy, I knew that being barely pregnant meant nothing. In fact, it is these first few months when my body is experiencing the most changes. So I had no expectation of time or even finishing for that matter.

So lets get some things straight. I am an average runner. I always finish right in the middle of all of my races. This is OK with me, I don't mind being average. I never run to be the fastest or to win; I run to participate. I love races, and while I very much dislike running with a partner, I do love the feeling of running in a crowd and being with people who enjoy this sport as much as I do. I enjoy the feeling of staring a race with an end goal in mind and crossing the finish line knowing I have achieved that goal.

Running is my niche. I am good at it and I honestly enjoy it. Yesterdays race only solidified these feelings. From start to finish running for two felt great. I couldn't even tell that it had been over a month since I ran, let alone that there were two of us on this race. While my mind was feeling good about this run my heart rate was screaming something different. I truly felt like a was putting very little effort into this run but my heart rate maintained a whooping 190+ bmp. This is outrageous considering my resting heart rate is a consistent 60bmp (a true runner's heart rate). I scaled back my running to what felt like the pace of a turtle and trusting my mama instincts...I kept going. Having experienced  a devastating miscarriage in the past, I felt confident in my instincts of knowing if something was wrong. I felt good and I knew deep down that baby was well also. I pushed through with ease, and crossed the finish line feeling wonderful.

Post race, I must admit, I was tired. Upon arriving home I was extremely fatigued and slept for 3 hours after a nice warm shower. The effect of growing life and running long distance was clear, I was exhausted!
My first OB appointment is at the end of this months around my 8 week mark. With my high heart rate I plan to take things easy, sticking with walks and the the elliptical until talking to the doctor in a few weeks. But unless told otherwise running for two feels great and I plan to continue throughout the remainder of this pregnancy.

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  1. Just when I think you could not possibly be more amazing, you go and do something like this. :) Way to go, Sunie!!!