20 November 2013

{7 Weeks} with Baby #3

Today marks week 7 of this pregnancy with baby #3, and the first of my weekly pregnancy updates. I vlogged my pregnancy, labor & delivery with Kameron and I look forward to doing the same with this newest little Tatum Tot!

My first OB appointment is not until next Tuesday, so as of now I am making a good guesstimate as to my approximate weeks. Since my menstrual cycles lately are very regular, I feel confident that I am guessing correctly as to how far along I am.

So, onto the big question...Was this a planned pregnancy???

No. Kevin and I have had many conversations in regards to Baby #3. Having a third was originally never in our plans. We had always agreed that we only wanted two kiddos, enough to replace us and that was it! However, over the last two years Kev and I have slowly began to change our stance. Deciding that in a few years we would love to try for one more, when Kam was closer to the age of 4 and starting preschool. Since the kids birthdays are six months apart I thought that that a birthday somewhere in the middle of theirs (either April or October) would be perfect.

So, here we are two years before we wanted to start trying, with a due date only six days shy of Kaydence's birthday. So much for "plans" right?! :-)

I hadn't taken the news of my previous two "surprise" pregnancies very well. In fact, for both I cried like a baby and told my husband our life was over. He surprisingly handled the news of them well and seemed very excited from day one. I suspected I was pregnant this time on the fourth day of my (usually very regular) missed period. After the confirmation of a home pregnancy test, I knew that I wanted to announce this pregnancy, to my husband and everyone else, differently than I had in the past (i.e. no hysterical crying). So, I packed the kids up in the car and headed to the store in hopes of finding inspiration.

Hubby came home to this while I was passed out in the children's bedroom after putting them to sleep (foreshadowing of what was to come in the next week?).

For Kevin's Mom we invited her over for dinner than proceeded to take a picture of her while telling her on the count of three to say "Sunie's Pregnant...Again." Love the candid shots of her reaction :-)

Micheal thought we were joking, he wasn't buying it :-)

For the rest of our family and the world we did a "Cooking" Pregnancy Announcement Video. Click Here to watch; and a blog Click Here.

:: Symptoms ::
  • Nausea - Holy mother of nausea!!! This is new for me. I vaguely remember this being a small problem in my pregnancy with Kameron, but never have I experienced it this bad; and I am only 7 weeks into this journey!  Currently my biggest trigger is the smell of anything cooked. I can't stand the smell of cooked food! Needless-to-say, it has been a almond butter and jelly sandwich/cereal kind of night in our home for three days straight so far!
  • Fatigue - I was tired these early weeks with both of my previous pregnancies, but I think I am half comatose right now. Every night for two weeks I have fallen asleep while putting my kids to bed at 7pm and have slept through the night only to wake up and muddle my way through the day as though I hadn't slept at all! My energy levels are low and I can only hope that this phase will pass sooner rather than later so I can start running again!

:: Cravings ::
  • As of now I don't really have any cravings. I suspect the nausea has a lot to do with my lack of want for food.

:: Total Weight Gain ::
  • 0lbs! This is big for me. I am known to transform into a whale during pregnancy and I am working hard to combat the excessive weight gain this pregnancy. No weight gain is needed for the first trimester and so far so good! Hopefully, this extreme fatigue fades soon and the doctor will give me the all clear next week to start running again. Fingers Crossed!

Well, until next week...


  1. Yay yay YAY for a new Tatum tot!!! SO super stoked for this! As for the nausea, I have never felt as bad as I did the first 3 months of being pregnant with Ellie.... I puked multiple times a day, and there was no specific trigger. With that being said, I am placing my bets on a little girl, 8lbs 7oz, born on July 21st. That is my birthday and my birth weight. And since I am PERFECT :), you may want to aim for that. ;) Congrats Tatum tribe!!!

    1. Haha, After my 9lb 12oz baby boy I will take an 8lb baby no problem. However, you have be going overdue by 12 days! I have been there done that and while I have no intentions of rushing this last pregnancy, I remember being 9 days overdue and I don't want to repeat that, lol! You totally crack me up! Love you tons, and we have to get together soon, it has been 4 weeks to many!

  2. Oh, those lovely photos of me. :) As always, wonderful blog Sunie. I am so excited to be part of this growing family.

    1. You are as gorgeous as every Mama Tatum and I love you!

  3. SUNIE!!! So exciting! Congrats on the new one. Three is an awesome number :)

    1. Thank you! What a surprise for us but we love surprises (as long as they are good ones) :-) You are getting pretty close yourself, right?! Eager to see your newest little one!