16 September 2013

Imperfectly Perfect

Today I am sick.

Breathing from my nose is impossible, my body aches as though I have been hit by a semi, chills are keeping me in a constant state of imbalance between hot and cold, my throat is so sore and my head feels as though it could explode.

Kev and I work very hard to minimize the spread of sicknesses in our home, for we both know that it only takes one of us to cause I a quick downward spiral of coughing, runny noses and bad attitudes. We take extra time to sanitize the shopping carts at the grocery store, we always wash ours and the kids hands after being outside or using the bathroom, and stay far away from any person, animal or thing that even looks unwell. But staying 100% healthy is impossible and every once in awhile a little bug will wiggle its way into our lives and bodies wreaking havoc for a week or two then slowly returning us into a state of homeostasis again.

It is always days like today when our family is most vulnerable and things are running at 50% their normal capacity that I reminded how amazingly perfect we all are together. Currently as I sit half functioning in my cloud of sickness and type this, my husband is laying our children down for their daily nap. As I am half mustering through the day he is cooking, cleaning and caring for our children with ease doing what needs to done with no complaints and no extra help. We are a team, Kev and I, equal parts to this whole puzzle of our life that we created together. Our camaraderie is like nothing I have ever experienced, and that is saying a lot considering we both are prior service military. Stepping in when the other is down, supporting each other, sacrificing together, never giving up and figuring things out on our own.

Recent events have caused a small shift in our home. Schedules have been rearranged, goals have been pushed back, and time has been sacrificed. However, Kev and I are soldiers. We persevere through the tough times; trained to carry heavy loads with ease. We are fighters. Never giving up on our goals and dreams; even if that means we must wait a little longer for them, and certainly never quitting. We are lovers. Supporting each other in everything we do, and always loving through the good and bad. We are friends. We find happiness in the hard times, and fun despite our lack of time to attend to our marriage. We are not perfect, and sometimes things get hard. We fight hard, but we love harder. Every bit of our happiness is earned. We work hard and tirelessly to maintain a life that our children can enjoy and one that we can be proud of. Everyday we are pushing ourselves to do better, to be better.  We do not have it altogether, but together the four of certainly have it all. And as I sit here typing this, listening to my husband softly singing bedtime songs to our very sick and sleepy children I can't help but think that among the chaos of this life that is ours, there is something so beautifully perfect about it. It's a beautiful disaster that is imperfectly perfect and full of chaotic bliss. It is pure happiness that is all ours!

Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it!

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  1. I truly love these blogs. Even though we live so close, reading your perspective is so entertaining. I love your little family very much.