13 July 2013

Kaydence Turns THREE!

Today my baby girl turns three!

Three Years Old!

Just like that, she is a full blown preschooler and I don't know how or when this happened. It seems like yesterday I was holding her tiny 6lb 13oz little body snuggled closely and warmly to mine for the first time. My mama heart smiles with joy as I watch this precious little baby transform into the most wonderful and delightful little girl. Kev and I are so lucky to know this sweet little angel; and everyday, at least 100 times a day we tell her how much we love her. I think she knows it's true!

 Kaydence at 3 years old:

Favorite Color: Sparkly
Favorite TV Show: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Favorite Food: Noodles (and any fruit or vegetable she can get her hands on)
Best Friend: Her brother Kameron
Favorite Toy: Cookie Monster & Elmo dolls

Kayence is the most vibrant little girl. She is an amazing big sister and loves her baby brother very much (although she doesn't always show it). She is sensitive and will cry at the drop of dime. She doesn't do well with change and prefers structure. She is feisty and knows what she wants and when she wants it. She is a daddy's girl who knows exactly how to push her daddy's buttons, but also knows which one's will get her what she wants. Her smile could light the world and her laugh is contagious! She loves to talk and at only 3 is very articulate. She still fiddles with the tags on the back of her favorite stuffed dolls for comfort, and still loves to be rocked to sleep. She is sweet, loud, and and very demanding; and is everything that Kev and I could ever ask for in a little girl!...She is perfect!

My Sweet Kaydence,

Today you turn three years old! I can't believe how much you've grown my sweet girl! Each day you impress me with your intelligence, vivaciousness and tenacity. Since I was a young, I always knew that I wanted a little girl someday; and you have by far surpassed my wildest dreams! Your Daddy and I truly adore you princess. Each day you make our world a little brighter and without you, our lives are incomplete. You are my first true love Kaydence Alexys! I had never known a love so deep until the moment I laid eyes on you! You truly are the definition of love at first sight! You fill your daddy's and my heart with joy and our lives with happiness each day; and I hope you know how much you are loved princess! You can get older and grow bigger, but forever and always you will be Mommy and Daddy's little girl! Happy Birthday baby, we love you!!

Mommy & Daddy!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
You are very loved!

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