24 June 2013


This month has been quite the month of transformation for us Tatums! So many milestones reached, so many mountains conquered. And it is only the beginning.

Well, I have officially graduated from my first program of study. It has only taken me 8 years since graduating high school, 6 years in the military, 4 degree major changes, 2 children and 1 husband later but I have finally done it. As of June 15, 2013 I am the official and proud owner of an Associate of Arts degree with a focus in Deaf Studies.

And just when I was feeling light as a feather, I am immediately reminded that I still have a little way to go before I reach my end goal. Only two days after graduation I was right back in school, and starting my bachelors program. So far it has proven that it is not going to be an easy journey. College work alone is tough. College work in a practice profession that requires many hours of internship on top of regular classes while still having to take care of 2 children, run a home, exercise, volunteer and manage a home-based business will be more than just a little challenging. But up for the challenge I have to be!

Speaking of challenge, just three short days ago I ran and completed the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon. 5 months of training, 5 hours and 20 minutes of non-stop running and 26.2 miles of endurance. A feat I never imagined I would actually complete. My mind, body and soul is full of so many emotions but I have little words to describe this experience. It was simply...amazing!

As I reflect on the event of this days, my heart is filled with joy and sorrow. This marathon was in honor of my dear friend, who sadly passed away 3 years ago. A race we were supposed to run together, I ran alone. But I carried here memory in my heart the whole way. After all of my hard work, determination and commitment I crossed the finish line and completed my first full marathon; just one week shy of the anniversary of her passing.

Thank you SSG White for always believing in me, for pushing me when I was ready to quit, for encouraging me to go further than I had ever gone. Thank you for confiding in me, for being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to when I needed you. I am sorry I didn't hear your cries. I wish you were still here but until we meet again...rest in sweet peace!
SSG Chenique "Niki" White (November 2, 1981 - June 29, 2010)

Post marathon "depression" has already began to to sink in and I am feeling the need to shoot for another crazy goal of mine... triathlon it is! This time next year I will be participating in my first triathlon series and this time around Kevin will be joining me! Then it's ultra marathon and Ironman after that. As long as my body keeps up I will keep going :-)

In just 5 short days I am Colorado bound. Leaving my babies, husband and Washington home behind for 30 whole days. This is a big deal! Aside from giving birth to Kameron and being hospital bound for 3 days, Kevin and I have spent 1 night away from the kids, ever. And technically Kameron accompanied us as he was still in my womb. Leaving my kids for such and extended period of time breaks my mama heart, I will miss my crazy kiddos and all of the joy they bring to my life daily. I am more than confident in Kevin's ability to care, nurture, engage, teach and entertain the kids; this is never a worry of mine. I just wish I could be here with them too. Kaydence will turn 3 during my time away and this breaks my heart the most. I never wanted to miss one of my children's birthdays (0-18). If anybody knows me they know that birthdays are a big deal, A BIG DEAL! I plan months in advance, nit-picking at every detail, and over planning. I just think that people should feel special on their birthdays, I mean nothing is more worth celebrating than your day of birth. So we have pushed her birthday party celebration back one month, and plans for a August luau are underway.

If being away from home isn't going to be hard enough, I am sadly leaving just one day before moving out of our town home. Although hubby is quite excited about the fact that his micro-managing wife won't be present to add more stress to the move, I am a little nervous about the fact that I will not be present the whole first month of moving into our new place. Our new permanent place might I add!

We are happily moving into our forever home. The home that Kevin and I became husband and wife. The home in which my kids have always known. The home in which I have grown to love, with the most perfect view of the Puget Sound and some of the warmest memories. We will be taking over the mortgage and moving into Kevin's parents house and what a perfect house it is!

The most intimate and wonderful wedding,
in our (now) home!
Our new backyard view!

Now for the superficial transformations.

I am now only 4lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into jeans I wore in high school.

Favorite jeans from high school!
Senior year cotillion dress!

Oh and I chopped off all of my hair! I have spent the last last 8 months or so going all natural. No shampoo, conditioners, or chemicals and with 8 months of new growth I was ready to chop off the damaged hair and start new. To never again color, relax or add chemicals to it again. My curls are amazing as of now and I can't wait to see them in years to come, long and luscious.

So my weeks for the next month and half are full, and my extra time will be little. I won't be blogging or vlogging during my time away so catch me on Instagram for regular picture (and now video) updates. Until then Enjoy your summer everyone!

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