03 June 2013

Relax, Reflect, Rejuvenate

This weekend we took a trip up to Kevin's Grandpa's property. We pitched our tents, kindled our fire and enjoyed the serenity of the solidarity. No technology just good old-fashioned fun; the way it should be. 

It was peaceful and calming

A daddy and his little girl...and spit bugs!
Hubby's happy place

Even grandma loved our mini vaca!
Because girls will be girls; no matter what age

The kids loved every second of the outdoors. They ran freely and did what kids do best...played.

The Tatum kiddos

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows; although my lovely kiddos preferred the fruit. Smashed marshmallows between dry gram crackers just wasn't their cup of tea. 

I listened to the sound of the crackling wood and dreamed of my future farm; milking goats and laying ducks included.

Exploring nature with my favorite little guy in tow

It was exactly what I needed! A break from the fast paced world of my life. A break from Saturday cartoons and the same old boring toys. A break from homework and bills. Just time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate.

Even Scarlett had a relaxing great time

Now back to the real world...Bring it on universe!

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