14 May 2013

Leap for Literacy

Hello Fellow Bloggers, Family, Friends, Followers and passerby's,

On June 8th, 2013 I will be participating in the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center's (HSDC) Leap for Literacy 5K. This event raises money to help support children with hearing loss or speech-language challenges through Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center's Connor R. McRae Scholarship Fund! 

I would love if you could help support this cause by donating to this event. My personal goal is $50, which is part of a larger goal of $300, set by team, Seattle Central Community College's ASL Club. Anything you can give will help. Thank you all for your support!

Quick Facts on Deafness/Hearing Loss & Communication/Reading

  • 24-28 million people have some some degree of hearing loss in the US
  • 2 million of these people are classified as Deaf
  • 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents
  • 10% of those hearing parents learn to sign
  • 90% of those parents, do not learn to sign or communicate effectively with their children
  • 92% of Deaf Children graduate from high school with a 1st to 3rd grade reading level
  • Research shows that deaf children exposed to a first language by six months of age can and do develop written languages skills as early and as well as their hearing peers.
  • A Signed Language is the natural, most effective, and best way to teach a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child language.
  • American Sign Language is a distinct language with it's own syntax and grammar
  • American Sign Language is the the 3rd most commonly used language in the United States
  • Sign language is a great bridge and crucial in the teaching of English and reading to Deaf/Hard of Hearing children in America.
Let's help to increase the literacy rate in Deaf and Hard of hearing children by making communication easier and education more available! Help me to raise money for this great cause

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