06 May 2013

{currently loving}

Today Kameron took a pretty big fall; 6+ feet to be exact. Today I also found out that I have been accepted into the University of Northern Colorado's ASL Bachelors of Interpreting program. This exciting news seemed so unimportant as I lay next to my (now sleeping) son in the ER hospital bed. His head injury from the 6ft fall through the upstairs banister to the floor below was all I could think about. He is so perfect, so innocent, so sweet. At that moment as I was taking in my current situation with the news of my exciting future, I couldn't help but think how insignificant the latter was. No matter what had happened with UNC I would still have this baby boy. Life suddenly became clear. There would have been other opportunities, other programs, other paths (be they more difficult or not) that I could have taken had UNC not gone my way. I would have been ok. I realized that this little boy and his sister are my purpose in life, and I will sacrifice a lifetime of my dreams and goals to make sure they reach every single one of theirs. Kameron is fine. A possible concussion, closed head wound and small hematoma but aside from that he is doing great. Things could have gone a lot different. Much more worse; much more life changing than acceptance into one single university or not.  The moment was bitter-sweet; he is a lucky little boy and I am a very lucky mama. A mama who is looking forward to her new future as a UNC Bear with her two wonderful, beautiful and most imporatantly HEALTHY kids in tow!

::Currently Loving::

Washington weather the past week has been nothing short of fantastic. This Tatum family has been taking full advantage of this precious Vitamin D. Everyday we are outside in some way, be it backyard fun or playground adventures. I made a vow that I would not take for granted the sun when it is out, and so far we have lived up to the promise.

 Every other day, I lace up my running shoes and I hit the pavement/trail/streets alone. I take this time to improve my health, to clear my mind, to train, to seek guidance from the world around me. I don't run with music; the headphones drive me crazy and I can't think straight with Phillip Phillips bumping loudly in my ears. I love the burn in my thighs as I run and the sound of my methodical and paced breathing as I am 8 miles into a 15 miler day. I love the sound of the raindrops splashing in puddles and I love the idea of being healthier than I have ever been before. Long distance running is my passion, my niche, my me time.

::Talks of baby #3::
This is not in our immediate future, but we have decided that Tatum #3 will be. But 3 is our max! My uterus has apparently forgotten about the torture I have put it through 3 previous times because it is now sending me signals of wanting more. Although I told myself I was done after baby #2, I never really believed that, and as my little man slowly makes his way into toddlerhood my heart beats wildly for another baby. I am suppressing the urges and we are holding off until Kameron is AT LEAST 3. I need time to get my body back into fighting shape, to finish my schooling, to prepare. Kaydence talks fondly of baby #3. She wants a sister this time, and apparently is under the impression that babies can simply be purchased from the baby isle of Fred Meyer.

Kaydence: "Mommy can you buy me a baby sister?"
Me: "Well, it takes a lot more than purchasing to get you a baby sister."
Kaydence: You can just buy one online and they will send it to us in the mail!"
Me: "you are right we could do that, but it might take some time until it is delivered. We are looking at 10 months best case scenario!"
Kaydence: "We can just go to Fred Meyer then."

Haha, she cracks me up! Baby sister's have been a popular topic of converstation lately. From the way she treats her baby brother you could never tell she would actually want another one.

::Comparing old baby photos::
I swear that Kaydence is my lighter skinned twin. The picture below is proof enough!

Kaydence on left, me on right
Same age

::Deaf Culture::
Everything about the Deaf community, culture, and language is so amazing to me! I love that I have found this amazing new world and I am so lucky to be a part of it. I can't wait for what my future holds as an ASL Interpreter and I love that my children are growing in the Language and community with me. If feels good to be apart of something many people don't even know about!

Deaf clapping is much more magical tons more fun!

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