19 April 2013

My Weightloss Journey {Update}

So I have officially reached my 60 day mark, since cracking down on my weight loss. It is crazy to me how fast time flies when you are much too busy:-)

Ready for my 14 Miler (photo bombed by my husband)

As of last month I weighed in at 163lbs and 37in (around my lower tummy).

Day 30 Photos

Today I am down to 157lbs and 37in (around my lower tummy). So that brings me to a weight loss of 6lbs since last month and 0in from my lower tummy. I was really hoping to see a reduction in my inches but I am extremely satisfied with my weight-loss, and understand that inches don't go as fast as pounds do. So I will keep pushing on, and hope for some inch reduction next month.

Photo on Left: March 21, 2013 - Photo on Right April 20, 2013

Photo on Left: March 21, 2013 - Photo on Right April 20, 2013

Photo on Left: March 21, 2013 - Photo on Right April 20, 2013

 I am officially able to fit into my first pair of pre-pregnancy (before Kaydence) pants. This is an exciting feat for me. I can't wait to pull the pre-pregnancy cloths out of their 3 year storage hiatus. It will be like Christmas again. I've decided to wait a few more months for this though, when I know I will fit into most of the clothing!

Hello Pre-Pregnancy (before Kaydence pants) long time no button!

As I quickly begin to approach my upcoming marathon my miles are beginning to add up. Tomorrow I run 16 miles, the most I have ever run consecutively. I love the feeling of completing my Sunday long runs, because each time I tackle a challenge I have yet to ever attempt. I prove to myself I am more bad-ass than I thought I could be, and I kick weakness in the ass!

New Running Equipment (Camelbak and heart rate monitor)
And the exciting day I finally reached the 150s!

Super sweaty 5 miler complete! 
One hour of just me, my thoughts, my new running shoes, an empty trail, ominous skies, large rain puddles and new snail friends. #runningisthelifeforme #seattlerunner
Tonight I begin working on my arms. They have gotten a backseat to my legs and tummy lately to I will be making a more conscious effort to work on them as well. Stay healthy and fit everyone, update again in 30 days!

And just in case you missed my first weight loss blog check it out HERE!

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