13 April 2013

Life Happens

Knock Knock 

Me: Who's There?


Me: Life? (Open's door questioningly)

Oh hello. I just stopped by to let you know that the money you have been expecting the last few weeks, you know the money that was important in planning the next few months? It won't be coming. There was a little bit of a mix up and...well I'm sorry. And when you go to school today I would HIGHLY suggest you take the family car because your gas saving commuter unfortunately won't start. Oh and lastly before I go, I know you thought  you were on track to graduate but there is still one class that you need to take, and I know it is already 2 weeks into the quarter and that you already have a full time schedule but hopefully you wont be THAT behind. And don't forget to pay the extra $400 for that class plus the cost of books....I think that is all for right now. Well, have a great weekend!

Why does it seem that the stressors of life all happen at one time?

I usually go bat-shit-crazy at times like this, obsessing over each detail of what needs to happen. I become a tense ball of anxiety that always drives my husband up the wall with annoyance and frustration because my tears and stress wont fix anything. But this time is much different. I had a small melt down in the beginning and then told myself that what is done is done. I am putting one foot in front of the other and just making it through the here and now. My above "problems" are nothing. Money will come and go, the car will be fixed and in the mean time we have another, and I am lucky that I found out early enough that I was missing a class and am still be able to register and take the class no matter how much extra work it will be. Life will figure itself out and this will all be a distant memory someday!

My grandfather always told me that while you're complaining about your un-cool shoes, someone out there wishes they had a pair, another person wishes they had socks and someone else wishes they have feet. Remember to put your life into perspective and realize that someone else is happy with less than what you have!

What I have not been able to keep my anxiety at bay about lately, is my acceptance letter into the University of Northern Colorado's Interpreting Program.  While I have been accepted into the University itself I am still awaiting my acceptance into the actual Interpreting Program, which was a separate application. This month is the month we receive the news and I get more and more anxious with each passing day. I have fallen in love with the deaf culture and am passionate about pursing an Interpreting career. With there being very few options for education in this career field that doesn't require me to relocate my entire family, I am really hoping for this opportunity. So I check my email 14 bazillion times a day, and tear through the mail like a lion eating a fresh kill. Nothing yet, but I still have my fingers crossed. Here's to hoping!

Last weekend we took a impromptu trip to Whirligig. A two week indoor event for children, filled with bouncy castles, tunnels, face painting, yummy food and more. The day was raining and dreary and the kids were antsy, so a little indoor fun seemed like a much needed escape. The kids had a blast and so did I. I got to join Kaydence in many of the bouncy castles, which made the kid in me very happy! 

This day just so happened to be the same day I filmed our "Day in the Life" Video. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

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