16 April 2013


I'm barely recovering from my 14.5 mile run yesterday only to be notified in the middle of class today that someone bombed the Boston Marathon.

Since beginning my endeavors in running over a year ago I have fallen in love and become passionate about running. Pondering the reality of actually being able to run and complete this race. Telling myself I am far to old to try now with my nerve damaged leg, curved spine (scoliosis), aching knees, and flat feet; no way can I run fast enough to qualify! But the day dream has stayed close, maybe someday....

Over 27,000 runners and 500,00 spectators showed up to Boston today for this countries most notable and prestigious marathon. Some first timers, some seasoned vets, some old and some young but all people who had a passion for running. This was to be a momentous day for many, a day they would never forget; and forget they will not. And this is why my heart aches for the runners, city, and people of Boston! A tragedy and disheartening event to say the least! I hope for healing and speedy recoveries, mentally and physically, to those injured in the tragic events of today; and I send my deepest condolences to those who sadly lost a loved ones. My heart goes out to the city of Boston!

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