27 April 2013

Rekindling Old Flames

Yesterday was a good day.

It was a day that started with heartache, tears, grieving, pain and remorse; but ended with with smiles, laughs, good conversations, and renewing of old friendships.

It is crazy how some of the most unfortunate events can be the ones that ignite new fires and rekindle old ones.

Yesterday we attended the funeral of a dear friend of ours. His untimely and unfortunate passing was hard on all who knew and loved him, and my heart ached for his family. However, this unexpected event did bring together loved ones, friends and family from all over; and with this reconnection came the rekindling of friendships that have been lost to the busy beat of life.

Once the early years are done and life changes from partying and social meetups to the balancing act of  work, kids, higher education, marriage, home owning and life in general: it is easy to lose the closeness that once was with the people that once were. However, I think it is important to maintain some of these friendships. These people played a role in making us what we are today and as we all progress in the the next stages of life, it is nice to have someone who has been a part of our early journey still by your side. Good friends are hard to find so it is important to keep the ones you have.

So after the ceremony we met up with our old companions and honored the life of our recently departed friend . We reminisced on good times, took a shot of Jameson in honor of him, we hugged, we smiled, we laughed, we ate, we conversed, we reconnected, we celebrated.

And then we decided to never let the years go by without contact again. So a rotation of monthly meetups at each other's houses is what we decided (at minimum). We all live too close for funerals and weddings to be the only times we see each other.

Rest in sweet and wonderful peace our dearest Mel!

Moving backwards in time...

Last weekend we made yet another trip to Whirligig, and yet again what a fantastic time we had. This time our favorite uncle and cousin accompanied us which always adds to the fun. Kaydence, my petite and super shy, sweet girl is always so timid in public places. She resorts to sign language and whispers when communicating and keeps a fair distance from all people (including children her age). However, when she is with Julibear she is much more confident. She tackled and conquered all of the big kid bouncy houses this time around and did it with confidence, as long as Julibear was within eye shot. I love the connection between these two:-)

We also took my very first trip on the monorail. I have lived in Western Washington for almost 5 years now and there is still so much that I have yet to experience. The ride was short (2 minutes each way) but is was so much fun. We glided above the traffic, peaking into the 3rd floors of Seattle buildings and cruising over the city with ease. Kameron was glued to the window, taking in all he could of this new experience. I love watching him grow awareness and understanding of his world. As his eyes dart rapidly back and forth, it is almost like I can see the inter-workings of his brain as he pieces his little life experiences together.

These types of things are the things I love to do over and over again because as they grow and their reality changes so do these experiences. Next year, this monorail ride will be a new and completely different experience for both them, which makes it just as new for me.

I am really starting to love this crazy, chaotic and completely not put together life of mine. Both Kev and I are far from where we want to be, but everyday we make new strides towards the life we want. I am beginning to realize this crazy ride of life is part of the journey, and that each tough spot is just another loop in our roller coaster. And each day I secretly anticipate the next drop that will once again prove my level of endurance, determination and willingness to overcome. The people that accompany me and the rush alone are enough to keep riding.

19 April 2013

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Kaydence accompanied me to school this week!

Inspired by: Soulemama

My Weightloss Journey {Update}

So I have officially reached my 60 day mark, since cracking down on my weight loss. It is crazy to me how fast time flies when you are much too busy:-)

Ready for my 14 Miler (photo bombed by my husband)

As of last month I weighed in at 163lbs and 37in (around my lower tummy).

Day 30 Photos

Today I am down to 157lbs and 37in (around my lower tummy). So that brings me to a weight loss of 6lbs since last month and 0in from my lower tummy. I was really hoping to see a reduction in my inches but I am extremely satisfied with my weight-loss, and understand that inches don't go as fast as pounds do. So I will keep pushing on, and hope for some inch reduction next month.

Photo on Left: March 21, 2013 - Photo on Right April 20, 2013

Photo on Left: March 21, 2013 - Photo on Right April 20, 2013

Photo on Left: March 21, 2013 - Photo on Right April 20, 2013

 I am officially able to fit into my first pair of pre-pregnancy (before Kaydence) pants. This is an exciting feat for me. I can't wait to pull the pre-pregnancy cloths out of their 3 year storage hiatus. It will be like Christmas again. I've decided to wait a few more months for this though, when I know I will fit into most of the clothing!

Hello Pre-Pregnancy (before Kaydence pants) long time no button!

As I quickly begin to approach my upcoming marathon my miles are beginning to add up. Tomorrow I run 16 miles, the most I have ever run consecutively. I love the feeling of completing my Sunday long runs, because each time I tackle a challenge I have yet to ever attempt. I prove to myself I am more bad-ass than I thought I could be, and I kick weakness in the ass!

New Running Equipment (Camelbak and heart rate monitor)
And the exciting day I finally reached the 150s!

Super sweaty 5 miler complete! 
One hour of just me, my thoughts, my new running shoes, an empty trail, ominous skies, large rain puddles and new snail friends. #runningisthelifeforme #seattlerunner
Tonight I begin working on my arms. They have gotten a backseat to my legs and tummy lately to I will be making a more conscious effort to work on them as well. Stay healthy and fit everyone, update again in 30 days!

And just in case you missed my first weight loss blog check it out HERE!

16 April 2013


I'm barely recovering from my 14.5 mile run yesterday only to be notified in the middle of class today that someone bombed the Boston Marathon.

Since beginning my endeavors in running over a year ago I have fallen in love and become passionate about running. Pondering the reality of actually being able to run and complete this race. Telling myself I am far to old to try now with my nerve damaged leg, curved spine (scoliosis), aching knees, and flat feet; no way can I run fast enough to qualify! But the day dream has stayed close, maybe someday....

Over 27,000 runners and 500,00 spectators showed up to Boston today for this countries most notable and prestigious marathon. Some first timers, some seasoned vets, some old and some young but all people who had a passion for running. This was to be a momentous day for many, a day they would never forget; and forget they will not. And this is why my heart aches for the runners, city, and people of Boston! A tragedy and disheartening event to say the least! I hope for healing and speedy recoveries, mentally and physically, to those injured in the tragic events of today; and I send my deepest condolences to those who sadly lost a loved ones. My heart goes out to the city of Boston!

13 April 2013

Life Happens

Knock Knock 

Me: Who's There?


Me: Life? (Open's door questioningly)

Oh hello. I just stopped by to let you know that the money you have been expecting the last few weeks, you know the money that was important in planning the next few months? It won't be coming. There was a little bit of a mix up and...well I'm sorry. And when you go to school today I would HIGHLY suggest you take the family car because your gas saving commuter unfortunately won't start. Oh and lastly before I go, I know you thought  you were on track to graduate but there is still one class that you need to take, and I know it is already 2 weeks into the quarter and that you already have a full time schedule but hopefully you wont be THAT behind. And don't forget to pay the extra $400 for that class plus the cost of books....I think that is all for right now. Well, have a great weekend!

Why does it seem that the stressors of life all happen at one time?

I usually go bat-shit-crazy at times like this, obsessing over each detail of what needs to happen. I become a tense ball of anxiety that always drives my husband up the wall with annoyance and frustration because my tears and stress wont fix anything. But this time is much different. I had a small melt down in the beginning and then told myself that what is done is done. I am putting one foot in front of the other and just making it through the here and now. My above "problems" are nothing. Money will come and go, the car will be fixed and in the mean time we have another, and I am lucky that I found out early enough that I was missing a class and am still be able to register and take the class no matter how much extra work it will be. Life will figure itself out and this will all be a distant memory someday!

My grandfather always told me that while you're complaining about your un-cool shoes, someone out there wishes they had a pair, another person wishes they had socks and someone else wishes they have feet. Remember to put your life into perspective and realize that someone else is happy with less than what you have!

What I have not been able to keep my anxiety at bay about lately, is my acceptance letter into the University of Northern Colorado's Interpreting Program.  While I have been accepted into the University itself I am still awaiting my acceptance into the actual Interpreting Program, which was a separate application. This month is the month we receive the news and I get more and more anxious with each passing day. I have fallen in love with the deaf culture and am passionate about pursing an Interpreting career. With there being very few options for education in this career field that doesn't require me to relocate my entire family, I am really hoping for this opportunity. So I check my email 14 bazillion times a day, and tear through the mail like a lion eating a fresh kill. Nothing yet, but I still have my fingers crossed. Here's to hoping!

Last weekend we took a impromptu trip to Whirligig. A two week indoor event for children, filled with bouncy castles, tunnels, face painting, yummy food and more. The day was raining and dreary and the kids were antsy, so a little indoor fun seemed like a much needed escape. The kids had a blast and so did I. I got to join Kaydence in many of the bouncy castles, which made the kid in me very happy! 

This day just so happened to be the same day I filmed our "Day in the Life" Video. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Day in the Life (Part I): April 6, 2013

Day in the Life (Part II): April 6, 2013

05 April 2013


This is well overdue, but I have been on the go since the start of the new quarter this Monday. I have little words to describe our Easter Sunday, so I will let the picture do most of the talking.

The dreary Western Washington rain took a break to let the marvelous sunshine glow in full glory, and what a perfect day it picked. The weather was beautiful, the company amazing, and the day fantastic. I couldn't have imagined a better Easter!

She is living proof that angels do exist!

Someone need to inform him that he is not allowed to look this old. Growing up is a no-no:-)