07 March 2013

Not a Supermom

Some days I feel like supermom. Days when I am able work out, shower, make a great breakfast, get ahead on homework and even get a load of laundry done all before 9:00am. On these days I am productive, energetic, fun, attentive, creative, patient, and compassionate.

But some days I just don't have it in me. Days when I would rather go through labor again then wake up and run.  When traffic sucks, and I am already late for school.  Days when the laundry is piled high, the dishes are over-flowing, and the kids are testing my nerves. On these days I don't fight the messes, I let the sibling rivalry become learning opportunities of strength and endurance, and choosing cereal for dinner is an easy decision.

I am not a perfect mom; however, I am finally feeling confident in this role. I am learning that being a mom means I will make mistakes. Some days will be harder to get through than others. I am not perfect and I certainly don't pretend to be. I have my fair share of melt downs, tantrums and bad days, and I am beginning to realize this is OK. My children are cared for gently, disciplined regularly, educated daily, loved unconditionally, and never taken for granted. My imperfections are what make me exactly right for them!

And as a side note, I am so in love with everything Kaydence and Kameron are! I am in constant awe of them daily; and I still don't know how I possibly made two human beings so perfect and pure. They are growing and maturing into the most amazing little people. Maybe just a bit to fast for my liking.

Kameron has been on my mind a lot the last few weeks. My sweet little boy is sadly leaving his baby years behind. My heart's not sure what to do about that. I am desperately trying to hold on to the baby he's not; savoring these last moments of babyhood, unsure of if and when I will have them again. He is now becoming his own little person; and the mischief he creates and the semi-naughty things he does, constantly makes me laugh. Why is this type of behavior worrisome and totally not funny with your first child, yet the youngest can almost do no wrong? 

Just please please please never get too big to back up and sit in my lap for story time....Are you listening, little man?

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