29 March 2013

{Adventures in Cloth Diapering} The Dreaded Yeast Monster

Kev and I are in love with all things natural. Breastfeeding, Organic foods, baking soda shampoo, apple cider vinegar conditioner, homemade cleaning products and most of all cloth diapering ...just to name a few. Cloth diapering is one of the best decisions I have ever made. They are better for our little one's bottoms, nice on our wallet, friendly on the environment and oh so cute on our babies bottoms. We have been lucky with our adventures in cloth diapering, which we have been doing since Kaydence was born. But lately we have been fighting the hard fight with the dreaded yeast monster. Because of Kameron’s love for all things edible he ran into something that did not agree with his tummy, leaving us with a bad case of diarrhea and now a seemingly endless battle with yeast infections. After weeks of trying to combat this infection naturally to no avail, we finally took our little man to the doctor where he was given a prescription for anti-bacterial cream. In a desperate attempt to rid our family of this pest we temporarily switched Kameron to disposable diapers in order to completely strip and disinfect our entire stash of cloth diapers.

A major reason for Kevin and I choosing to go cloth with our diapers was the fact that we would have a much lower rate of rashes due to the fact that there would be no harsh chemicals on our babies’ bottoms as there are in disposables. We were fortunate enough to not have to deal with any real rashes with Kaydence, and until now we have had no real issues with Kameron as well. We went through an entire pack of disposable diapers, and in that time were able to completely clear up the yeast infection on our little Mr.’s bottom. (Although my heart broke with every diaper I added to landfill. 300-500 years those diapers will be around). I stripped our cloth diapers and cleaned them with oxygenated bleach and we started back into our lovely, much cuter, much softer, less expensive, and environmentally friendly diapers only to have gone 24 hours before the return of the rash. And this is where we are now…

Cloth Diaper Cuteness
Even kittens can't deny the comfort of cloth diapering

So back out to the store I go for another pack of disposables and after much research I have decided to try every method of killing cloth diaper yeast in one go. There is currently a cycle of diapers going with apple cider vinegar  next that they will be washed again with oxygenated bleach, last they will washed with grapefruit seed extract and boiling water. This may seem overkill, but I have read problems with people who only tried one of these methods so I figure I will just do all three. This yeast will go away so I can have my diapers back!

Update soon and any proven advice is welcome!

Until then, enjoy this photo dump of the last few days! Happy Friday!

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