23 February 2013

Vitamin D

The sun has been peeking its bright yellow head out every couple of days lately and I have been excitedly snatching every opportunity to bathe the kids and I in this precious and very limited Vitamin D. I anxiously speed rush quickly and safely home from school on these days when the skies are open and blue. I bundle the kids up while happily singing my "we are going to the park/for a walk" song and we head out for an adventure in the sun. The winter months in Washington have always been somewhat of a bummer. The insistent rain can quickly become a downer, but never has it bothered me as much as it does now that I have children. This is a much different rain than the sporadic Colorado thunderstorms. The air is cold and the rain never ending. Playing outside is difficult and staying inside miserable. So although the air is still cool, I am thrilled for these days of clear blue skies. Nothing says fun like rosy red cheeks, cold hands, and smiling faces.

:: A Few Updates::

Our big girl has officially potty trained herself. About a month ago she woke up one morning requesting to only wear big girl underwear. I figured this would be another day of me cleaning up pee off the floor but obliged not wanting to deny her this opportunity of possibilities. To my surprise we went the entire day without one single accident. And then the next day and then the next. We are now a little over three weeks from that day and Kaydence has officially be accident free, including through the night and out and about. She has also in the last week permanently moved to the bathroom potty and not the potty chair anymore. I have spent countless hours cleaning up pee and pushing this subject, and in one day she decides to do it all on her own. I am officially convinced that they will do it when they are good darn and ready. 

Kameron is officially producing is first signs...more, milk, fan, and all-done. I am so excited for this new milestone in his life. He is much more needy than his sister was at this age, yet he has taken a little longer to reproduce the sign language that Kevin and I am trying to show him. This makes for one very frustrated baby and two frustrated parents. I want so badly to know what his wants are and am excited that he is finally able to express them despite his lack of verbal skills at this time. It makes my mama heart so excited to know that my kids will be fluent in ASL and English and that I was able to teach them this beautiful language. 

Speaking of ASL. I will officially be graduating school this June with my degree in Deaf Studies. I have recently applied to the University of Northern Colorado in hopes if getting into their ASL Interpreting program this fall. It is a 3 year distance learning program in which I will be attending the majority of it online except for 1 month during the summer months where I will be on campus in Colorado. This program will afford me a Bachelors Degree in ASL Interpretation which is my ultimate goal as far as my career goes. I am excited for this next step in my life and very nervous at the same time. Crossing my fingers for a large acceptance envelope this April!

::Currently Loving::

---The song Ho Hey. I can't seem to get enough of it. I instantly picture myself in my future country cottage, with a broad of chickens, surrounded by nothingness, at a bon fire, drinking moonshine, while my children chase after fireflies with mason jars. Instant bliss! Be still my beating heart!

---Breakfast I love you's 

---My new elliptical. New fitter, healthier, sexier me here I come!

---Lipstick Kisses for Kameron

--- Our new extra small puppy. Grow big little one!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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