14 February 2013

{Valentine Scrooge}

Valentine's Day is by far, hands down, no questions asked my LEAST favorite holiday of the year. 

Yes I am a Valentine Scrooge!

My disdain for this holiday is not due to my lack of a life partner (obviously) or bad past experiences, I have just never really enjoyed the concept of this holiday. I have always felt sorry for the men wondering around the stores aimlessly searching for a gift "good enough" to please their significant other, and annoyed by the constant bombard of "What did youuu get for Valentine's Day?" As time goes on and with  all of the new social media it is almost like a competition. Who got what and how do I compare to others?

Over sized stuffed animals, large bouquets of awful red roses and blood diamonds have never tickled my fancy. The stuffed animals are almost always guaranteed to be donated to Goodwill. The flowers are just another responsibility that I don't have the time to keep up with, and will inevitably die anyways. And I have never been a huge fan of sparkly rocks that are depreciated by 80% the minute you leave the jewelry store. Anybody who truly knows me, knows that the way to my heart is an Eclair and Cream Soda...I will love you up-and-down, all the time, forever if I am surprised with these:-)

Now don't get me wrong. Like any girl, I love a good surprise gift or romantic evening. I just love those special moment much more when they are not obligatory acts, enforced by an arbitrary day. 

With that said I tried very hard to get into the Valentine spirit this year. I decided to do "14 Days of Love" for Kevin, in which everyday from February 1st to the 14th I surprise him with a different, yet simple and inexpensive gift. I only made it 7 out of the 14 days, but I loved surprising him with these special treats and I know he enjoyed a full week of junk food and candy.

Day 3

Day 4

Hubby has always been on the same page as me in regards to Valentine's Day. I mean what man wouldn't be happy knowing that they are completely off the hook for this day? Nevertheless, he always finds a way to surprise me when I least expect it. 

Happy Valentine's Thursday Everyone!
Now bring on Easter! That is definitely a holiday I do do! (Yes, I said dodo, haha.)

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