27 January 2013

The Search for a Winter Wonderland

We are well into January and the snow here in Western Washington has been non-existent. We have been teased with a few light flurries. Building our hopes for white snow covered lawns and cancelled school; only to be sadly disappointed with a quick follow up of rain to wash away our optimism. Kaydence has been eagerly awaiting the chance to build a snowman and has even asked me to just buy her one so she doesn't have to wait any longer.

I think the conversation went something like this:

Kaydence: "Mama can we build a snowman?"
Me: "We have to wait for it to snow in order to build a snowman, sweetheart."
Kaydence: "Oh, we do?"
Me: "Yes, pumpkin, we do."
Kaydence: "Well, can you just buy me one then?"

Kevin and I have both stated that if the snow didn't come to us we would go to it (the beauty of living in Washington). So earlier in the week, when once again Kaydence broached the subject of wanting to play in the snow, we finally decided that this weekend we would would follow through with our promise of taking our little girl to the snow.

Saturday morning we packed the SUV full of coats, mittens, boots, and food and headed out with our favorite uncle and cousin for the two hour trek to the mountains. The ride was beautiful and calming, a gentle reminder of my love for this state. We traveled up in elevation, becoming more and more nervous about the lack of snow. I was worried about disappointing my sweet girl. It's hard to explain to a two year old that there is no snow, when we promised her that there would be. My worry was needless. As we reached the base of Mount Rainier the snow accumulation began to grow, and soon there was more than I had even expected or hoped for.


We trekked through a large wooded area searching for perfect clearing of fresh snow. The snow was high, and us adults sank knee deep with every other step, while the kids floated weightlessly across the compact snow. We found a small clearing and the kids immediately went to work indulging in their winter wonderland. We built the most epic snowman, had snowball throwing challenges, and tasted the pearly white ice.

Our epic snowman!
Ok, so it's not SO epic. 

The day was amazing and I was sad to leave. But as a parting gift we were lucky to experience a wonderful snowfall. Kaydence was trilled and reached high to sky while exclaiming, "It's snowing!" The twinkle in her eye as the snow fell gently on her face was magical and I am so happy we were able to make her two year old winter dreams come true...if even for a day.

That smile!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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