04 October 2012

Hello Autumn

Spider webs are strung, bats are hung, skeletons loom in corners, and ghosts welcome our newcomers. Orange and black is the new theme of the Tatum Household and Autumn is finally in the air (although the weather hasn't gotten the memo yet.)

Spider webs strung
Bats are hung
Skeletons loom in corners

Ghost welcome newcomers
I have always been a summer person. A beach bunny, happy, and more than ready to dawn my newest bikini, old  slippers and a sun-kissed tan. This, however, was until I had kids and that cute little bikini wasn't so flattering on my new mom figure anymore. I like to think that with my growing age and maturation, my appreciation for the finer things has evolved. These past few years I have looked forward to the transition to cooler weather. Excited for the changing of the leaves, sweaters, and hot chocolate. The holidays have always made me glow but having kids has stoked those holiday spirit embers into a roaring fire. I am always eager to decorate, bake and craft. Thrilled for the new fall/winter decors and  aromas to fill my house and comfort us like a warm down blanket.

This year's Indian summer has had me on edge, impatiently waiting for the cooler days of Fall. October 1st I finally gave into temptation and pulled out the Halloween decor. After the kids went to bed, Kev and I stayed up late transforming our home from its monotonous norm to a Halloween haunted house. The kids were elated by the overnight change. Kaydence was quick to point out everything that wasn't there the day before and Kameron just stared in awe at the poms hanging from the ceiling. Speaking the only word he knows "bgah" while pointing with his little chubby finger at the interesting change of scenery. Decorating for holidays always make me happy, but it is much more fulfilling to see the excitement in my little ones' eyes as each new holiday comes alive in our home.

Kaydence and I have been hard at work creating masterpieces. She is a happy painter:-) 

With the beginning of Fall comes school again; my last fall quarter before I graduate. It will have been 7 years and 4 majors but I will finally have a degree in something I love, and that is definitely something worth spending time to earn. Life has thrown me some curves when it comes to my education, but I am more than happy to have those bends in the road of my life. Without them I would not have my wonderful husband and amazing children. I am one of the lucky ones, for sure.

I think this means they like each other!

Needless to say with the kids, the husband, the house, the boutique, school, baking, crafting, decorating, and enjoying life I am one busy mama these days. But I am so happy to have so many things to keep my life interesting and fulfilling.

Happy Autumn Everyone!

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