22 October 2012

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is quickly approaching. We are just 9 days away from one of my most favorite holidays and the growing anticipation is killing me!

This past Wednesday we set out on a beautiful fall afternoon for our most favorite pumpkin patch. Last year we ran into a few mishaps on our endeavors of pumpkin picking. We spent days hopping around from pumpkin patch to pumpkin patch; forgetting cash, forgetting the cameras, showing up too late, getting lost. Finally, and only days before Halloween, we stumbled upon the most perfect pumpkin patch by happenstance. We loved our experience so much we decided to make it our pumpkin patch for life:-)

Last year's (2011) Pumpkin Patch Video: Click Here

This year I wanted to be much more prepared than I was last year. So I took careful planning in making sure that we went at the right time of the month, during the right time of day, with all of the necessary equipment. Of course I love any reason to over dress the kids in festive holiday outfits, so that is exactly what I did.

Due to the late timing of our pumpkin patch experience last year, we had the pleasure of a very deserted pumpkin patch. Both Kev and I are not ones for crowds and we thoroughly enjoyed the very laid back and ghost town like feeling of last years experience. Wanting to recreate that, I planned our trip for the middle of the week, instead of the weekend. I am happy I did, it was just the way we had hoped it to be. There were minimal people, zero crowds, no lines, and tons of room for the kids to run and play.

We found four of the most (imperfect) perfect pumpkins. Kev and I are definitely not ones for the cookie cutter pumpkins you can find in the local super market bin. They are round and orange and...pumpkin like, however, we prefer our pumpkins to have a little more character. I tend to gravitate towards the long skinny pumpkins and Kevin pretty much loves any kind as long as it has a "good" stem. Flat on one side, short and fat, dimpled, wart covered, we don't discriminate. We're just going to cut it up anyways, right?

This pumpkin patch is much more than just pumpkins. We also had the pleasure of enjoying a petting zoo, corn maze, zip line, bouncy castle, cow train, floating tunnel, slides, rubber duck races, corn house, and of course hot chocolate/coffee/tea. The prices are absolutely reasonable and the experience is nothing short of magnificent.

All four of us had a blast and I more than anything enjoyed the time with my family. I say this a lot, but I am one very lucky woman!

Enjoy this pumpkin patch photo dump!

 Happy Pumpkin Picking!

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