19 September 2012

{picture this}

Picture this...

Me: (Eating hot Cheetos)
Kaydence: "Mommy can I have some?"
Me: "You can try some but they are hot, my love."
Kaydence: (Takes a bite of a hot Cheeto, drinks some water and looks at me), "Mommy can you blow it?"

Yes, you may fall asleep in Mama's arms, and remind me just how sweet, innocent and young you still are.

Now picture this...

Kaydence climbs onto her picnic table, hangs her feet over the side, and tries to get down not using the seat side. After a few attempts with no avail, she looks at me and says, "Mom, I'm in a predicament."

 Yes, you may sit in the cats basket at the top of his scathing post.

Lastly, picture this...

Kaydence playing with Mama's phone. Desperately trying to get her beloved "Baby Beluga" song to repeat on her favorite YouTube app. Frustrated and annoyed, you hear these grown up words come from her sweet little mouth,"What the fuck?!"

My sweet baby girl is turning into a big girl right before my eyes, with adult language to boot. I love this girl!

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  1. Sunie, I love this! Your stories crack me up. I wish we lived closer to each other. Love the posts! Keep them coming!