22 September 2012


Yet again, excuse my Lacuna! A busy couple of weeks it has definitely been! 

My mom said goodbye to her Iowa home for a two week visit with her grand-babies. This was my moms first interactions with my two little ones and seeing as though Kaydence is already 2, she had a lot of Nana time to make up for. Kaydence enjoyed having Nana around and I am very happy that my kiddos finally got to meet her. (Ironically, I have not one single photo of the kids with her.)

 Having my mom here meant I had a little more than usual sister time. I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed her company. The 18 month difference between my baby sister and I was always a problem for us as children. The age difference meant we were able to relate in many ways. but it also was just enough of a gap to convince me that she was a baby and I was a big girl. Now that we are older I truly appreciate the age difference between us. We are able to share many of the same interests, friends, and memories. I love my sissy and am so happy to have her so close.

TT was full of emotions with Kaydence's new blossomed vocabulary. Kaydence doesn't know it, but apparently she
isn't supposed to grow up:-)

I don't have much to say in regards to Kaydence and Kameron, except for the fact that they are full of AWESOMENESS! 
Each day they grow, mature, and evolve more and more into the cutest most amazing children ever!
Since I have been slacking with all of my social networking sites (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc) here is a photo dump of all of their cuteness!

She put her pants on, all by herself!

She sure does love her kitty!

Her "invisible" glasses

My kids don't like to wear clothes:-)

I have many blog ideas that I have yet to put into action (how to's, product reviews, giveaways from FulLoveIt Boutique, etc.) Give me your feedback. What kind of how-to demonstrations would you like to see? What products do you want to see reviewed? What items from FulLoveIt Boutique would you like a chance at winning?

And on a random note...

Be still my beating heart!

During some garage sale shopping, I came across this amazing, beautiful and very vintage sewing machine! Needless to say, my heart was in a fury! It was so perfect in all of it's imperfections! I didn't even buy it, yet I still have big plans for it, haha:-)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by: soulemama

19 September 2012

{picture this}

Picture this...

Me: (Eating hot Cheetos)
Kaydence: "Mommy can I have some?"
Me: "You can try some but they are hot, my love."
Kaydence: (Takes a bite of a hot Cheeto, drinks some water and looks at me), "Mommy can you blow it?"

Yes, you may fall asleep in Mama's arms, and remind me just how sweet, innocent and young you still are.

Now picture this...

Kaydence climbs onto her picnic table, hangs her feet over the side, and tries to get down not using the seat side. After a few attempts with no avail, she looks at me and says, "Mom, I'm in a predicament."

 Yes, you may sit in the cats basket at the top of his scathing post.

Lastly, picture this...

Kaydence playing with Mama's phone. Desperately trying to get her beloved "Baby Beluga" song to repeat on her favorite YouTube app. Frustrated and annoyed, you hear these grown up words come from her sweet little mouth,"What the fuck?!"

My sweet baby girl is turning into a big girl right before my eyes, with adult language to boot. I love this girl!

06 September 2012


Our absence the last few weeks has not been due to laziness, but more-so to all of the wonderful (news)worthy stuff that's been going on lately.

I thought that having a month and a half break from school meant that I would finally get some long awaited rest and down time...

...laughable right!

During this break I decided to tackle some well overdue craft projects. I have been itching to craft lately, but never could justify crafts over homework. So with my new found free time I had some amazing things I wanted to sew, crochet, refurbish and create!

Crafting soon reminded me of my desire to sell some of my homemade goodies, and encouragement from family and friends quickly set this plan into motion. Before I knew it I was uploading my designs online, setting up a business Paypal account and ordering business cards. That's right, FulLoveIt Boutique is now up and running, with orders already coming in! How exciting!

Find FulLoveIt Boutique on:


If starting a new home-based business wasn't fun enough, I am now smack dab in the middle of my marathon training. Running has definitely become my new addiction. I am loving my new weight, my renewed energy, and my new endurance. It is amazing how much better you feel and how your quality of life changes when you dump the junk and become more active. Being a healthier me means I am healthier mommy for my kids. I want to be the example they need, so healthy living is what I will be.

It was a beautiful run today, but my view looking down was by far the best view of all!

A beautiful afternoon run through a nature preserve!

Our little fireflies are as perfect as perfect can be.

Kaydence's vocabulary has sky rocketed in the last few weeks and so has her attitude:-) She is a firecracker, that girl, but I wouldn't have her any other way.

My ASL Diva!

Kameron's new mobility certainly has mama and daddy on their toes. He now has his top front teeth, as well as his two bottom front teeth. He loves to put whatever he can find in his mouth. We can vacuum our house 4x's over and he will still find something. He is trying so hard to stand unassisted and as much as I encourage him to go for it, most of me just wants him to slow down. I am already missing my baby:-(

Hubby's schedule for the next few months is much more open than normal so we are all getting lots of quality daddy time in while we can.

The Tatum boys and their girls!

My mama is on her way here to visit us for two full weeks! This will be her first time meeting her only 2 amazing grandchildren, so you can imagine the excitement on all fronts. We have been showing Kaydence plenty of pictures of Nana for the last 2 years, but I am think she will be thrilled to finally put a live face to the voice and pictures.

Well, off to do some last minute cleaning before she arrives!

Happy Thursday Everyone!