02 August 2012

VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August)

So I gave in and jumped on the VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) bandwagon. So as of yesterday I started doing daily vlogs. It will be a mixture of family vlogs, how-to videos, product reviews, signing with infant and toddler segments and possibly a few tag videos. I will keep a record of them on this blog for you to find and refer to. I hope you all enjoy! And don't worry, blogging will still occur. :-)

VEDA Day 1: Signing with Infants & Toddlers Episode 5

VEDA Day 2: Watch Me Crawl

VEDA Day 3: Words

VEDA Day 4: Cloth Diapering: Why?

VEDA Day 5: Cloth Diapering: Stash and Accessories

VEDA Day 6: Cloth Diapering: Wash Routine

VEDA Day 7: Accent Tag

VEDA Day 8: Grandma

VEDA Day 9: YouTube Tag

VEDA Day 10: Signing with Infants & Toddlers Episode 6

VEDA Day 11: VEDA Day 11 - A Day in the Life (on a not-so-busy day) Part 1

VEDA Day 12: VEDA Day 12 - A Day in the Life (on a not-so-busy day) Part 2

VEDA Day 13: Dr. Kaydence

VEDA Day 14: Swimming Pool Fun

VEDA Day 15: The Crying Game

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