23 July 2012

Let's Go Bowling

Today we broke out of our normal lazy day Sunday routine and went bowling. An old tradition for Kev and I. Past bowling experiences usually consisted of drinking, friends, drinking, crazy shenanigans, pilfering of bowling shoes (I have an obsession), dancing, and more drinking. Today's adventure, while reminiscent of our crazy days, was very  different; but in a good way. Today was a family adventure with good old fashion family fun.

I was very excited to take my little miss bowling for the first time. We have taken her to the bowling alley in the past, but she was far too young to actually bowl then. (Hooters Bowling January 2011). Today, my girl put on her first pair of bowling shoes (a very cute and slightly too large pair), and joined in on the bowling festivities for the first time ever.

I adored watching my sweet girl excitedly roll her 6lb ball, the speed of molasses, toward the ever so bruised and awaiting pins. She giggled and clapped after each turn, thrilled with what seemed to be an amazing feat to her overjoyed and enthusiastic onlookers.

Everyone had a great time. I started the game in the lead with 4 strikes/spares in a row but sadly lost to the ever so talented Mr. Kevin. I always lose! Like the old days, there was beer and nachos, in moderation of course. Great conversation, lots of laughs, good food and dancing toddlers made today a perfect way to end the week.

Added bonus for a great Sunday was an unplanned sleepover with our Favorite KareBear! Scary movies, tacos, and brownies, she's the best!

Happy Week to All!

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