07 July 2012

Independence Day

July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays. This year's 4th of July was very reminiscent of my 4th of July's as a kid. The smell of the ocean water, the sound of children's laughter, the feeling of the warm sun, the taste of homemade savory food, and the sight of majestic fireworks were all staples of this years Independence Day. We spent the day at the home of a very dear friend of ours. A friend who has a beautiful home on Fox Island right near the water. A perfect house for family fun and fireworks.

The day began with an awesome military jet flying right over the house. A perfect sight to see on this day. It immediately brought me back to my days in the Air Force. My first 4th of July in the military was spent in basic training. This day was just another day in the life of a basic trainee airmen; consisting of marching, push-ups, screaming drill sergeants, and hot sticky San Antonio heat. However, the monotony of this day was broken up by the sights and sounds of the Air Show close by. Seeing the jets flying overhead doing amazing military maneuvers was something like I had never seen before. This year's 4th of July jet definitely put a huge smile on my face as I happily (now that I am out) reminisced about my days as a United States Airmen!

The weather was beautiful this year and my little ones got plenty of sunshine. Kaydence loved  the beach and took advantage of anyone who was willing to take her to play in the sand. And Kameron was quite happy about the abundant amount attention he received. He cried nor fussed not once the entire day, as there were endless open arms willing to hold my chubby little guy. Kevin did some paddle boarding quickly followed by some swimming, as his brother and best friend attempted to sling shot fireworks in his direction. I love my big kid! :-) We all filled our tummies with yummy food and there was always plenty of good conversation to go around.

The night ended with an amazing fireworks display that went on for hours. Everyone greaty enjoyed the fabulous fireworks, smiling and awing at the the bright bursts of brilliant fiery color that lit up the cool evening sky. After 12 hours of fun we finally headed home, where my exhausted and oh so cute kiddos quickly fell asleep to the sound of lingering fireworks in the distance.

This amazing day was definitely a great start to an even more amazing summer to come, I am sure!

Happy Independence Day!

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