28 July 2012

A Rough Week

This week was a rough week! The summer heat has set in full force. Temperatures reaching the 80's and our limited supply of oscillating fans has caused somewhat of a shift in attitudes for all of us. Sweaty and tired, we are all short fused, fussy, and exhausted. Sadly, Kaydence has been affected the worst. Between the summer heat and her new found independence; Kev and I have been hard at work combating tantrums, fits, and blatant defiance. This age is very hard for for all three of us. Kaydence is learning, growing and discovering her capabilities. She is opening doors that were once impossible to reach, picking up things that were once too heavy to hold, and investigating places she was once never able to go. She is exploring her world, testing boundaries, and pushing buttons.

For a structured and routine family, everything is awry at the moment. Bed time routines are a hellatious 30 minute fight now. Fraught with screaming, kicking, and crying. No's are flying around like pesky summer gnats these days. No I don't want to go to bed. No I don't want to read a book. No I don't want ice cream. No I don't want to play with play dough. And sharing is a word Kaydence does not want to know right now. Everything is hers, period.

We are doing our best to stay positive. To keep our voice's to a low rumble. To offer choices. To ignore the tantrums. To divert the attention. To help foster imagination. To show our love. To speak positively. To stay calm. To be good, loving, devoted, and caring parents. We are doing are best :-)

Kameron had a Neurological appointment on Thursday. Exactly one month ago yesterday, our sweet baby boy had a petit mall seizure while in my arms. Definitely one of the scariest moments of my life! He has not had another seizure since (at least none that we know of). However, he will still be getting an EEG, among a few other tests, done to help us figure out more. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that this is a one time ordeal and that we are not looking at a diagnosis of Epilepsy. Having to take my 6 month old to neurology appointments is certainly something I wish I could say I never had to do. As of now our baby boy is doing perfect. He is all smiles these days and is definitely a mama's boy!

This week was a rough week, but nothing work having is easy!

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