29 July 2012

Picture This...

Picture this...

My chunky little boy scooting across the living room floor on his tummy. With all of his might, desperately reaching for a tempting toy. Finally, after what seems likes five minutes, he reaches his prize with great satisfaction!

Now picture this...

At the very moment that brother has succeeded in his great feat of toy retrieval you hear a precious, squeaky little voice exclaim; "Oh my goodness, you did it brother! I am so proud of you! I am soooooo proud!"

It makes my mama heart flutter to hear my little girl be so encouraging to her baby brother. There have been a handful of bad words that Kaydence has learned and repeated from Kev and I. However, hearing these wonderful words of support sure does make my heart smile. It's that feeling of knowing you've done something right!

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice." ~Peggy O'mara~

28 July 2012

A Rough Week

This week was a rough week! The summer heat has set in full force. Temperatures reaching the 80's and our limited supply of oscillating fans has caused somewhat of a shift in attitudes for all of us. Sweaty and tired, we are all short fused, fussy, and exhausted. Sadly, Kaydence has been affected the worst. Between the summer heat and her new found independence; Kev and I have been hard at work combating tantrums, fits, and blatant defiance. This age is very hard for for all three of us. Kaydence is learning, growing and discovering her capabilities. She is opening doors that were once impossible to reach, picking up things that were once too heavy to hold, and investigating places she was once never able to go. She is exploring her world, testing boundaries, and pushing buttons.

For a structured and routine family, everything is awry at the moment. Bed time routines are a hellatious 30 minute fight now. Fraught with screaming, kicking, and crying. No's are flying around like pesky summer gnats these days. No I don't want to go to bed. No I don't want to read a book. No I don't want ice cream. No I don't want to play with play dough. And sharing is a word Kaydence does not want to know right now. Everything is hers, period.

We are doing our best to stay positive. To keep our voice's to a low rumble. To offer choices. To ignore the tantrums. To divert the attention. To help foster imagination. To show our love. To speak positively. To stay calm. To be good, loving, devoted, and caring parents. We are doing are best :-)

Kameron had a Neurological appointment on Thursday. Exactly one month ago yesterday, our sweet baby boy had a petit mall seizure while in my arms. Definitely one of the scariest moments of my life! He has not had another seizure since (at least none that we know of). However, he will still be getting an EEG, among a few other tests, done to help us figure out more. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that this is a one time ordeal and that we are not looking at a diagnosis of Epilepsy. Having to take my 6 month old to neurology appointments is certainly something I wish I could say I never had to do. As of now our baby boy is doing perfect. He is all smiles these days and is definitely a mama's boy!

This week was a rough week, but nothing work having is easy!

27 July 2012

{this moment} :: 27 July 2012

As inspired by: Soule Mama

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

I would LOVE to see this ritual carried on in as many blogs as possible. Please give credit where credit is due. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments of Soule Mama's blog for all to find and see.

23 July 2012

Let's Go Bowling

Today we broke out of our normal lazy day Sunday routine and went bowling. An old tradition for Kev and I. Past bowling experiences usually consisted of drinking, friends, drinking, crazy shenanigans, pilfering of bowling shoes (I have an obsession), dancing, and more drinking. Today's adventure, while reminiscent of our crazy days, was very  different; but in a good way. Today was a family adventure with good old fashion family fun.

I was very excited to take my little miss bowling for the first time. We have taken her to the bowling alley in the past, but she was far too young to actually bowl then. (Hooters Bowling January 2011). Today, my girl put on her first pair of bowling shoes (a very cute and slightly too large pair), and joined in on the bowling festivities for the first time ever.

I adored watching my sweet girl excitedly roll her 6lb ball, the speed of molasses, toward the ever so bruised and awaiting pins. She giggled and clapped after each turn, thrilled with what seemed to be an amazing feat to her overjoyed and enthusiastic onlookers.

Everyone had a great time. I started the game in the lead with 4 strikes/spares in a row but sadly lost to the ever so talented Mr. Kevin. I always lose! Like the old days, there was beer and nachos, in moderation of course. Great conversation, lots of laughs, good food and dancing toddlers made today a perfect way to end the week.

Added bonus for a great Sunday was an unplanned sleepover with our Favorite KareBear! Scary movies, tacos, and brownies, she's the best!

Happy Week to All!

17 July 2012


I can never get sick of listening to my children's pediatrician go on and on about how amazing my kids are! Yesterday was Kaydence's 2 year and Kameron's 6 month well child check ups. Their very first tandem doctors appointment. Being 18 months apart from my first sister I have very fond memories of sharing doctors appointments with her, and I was quite excited for this first milestone with my kiddos. Not to mention killing two birds with one stone is always a big help for this stay-at-home-mom of two little ones.

Guess we will start with Kameron first! Kameron is weighing in at 21lbs (100th+%), with a height of 28in (90th%) and a head circumference of 17.5in (50th%). Pretty much he is a great big boy! The doctor could not get over how incredibly chunky and strong he was. He took full advantage of this time to shine and wasted no time showing off to the doctor. Rolling over from back to front and front to back, pulling himself into a standing position while holding on to the doctors stethoscope, as she desperately tried to listen to his heart, and  winking his bright blues eyes only moments before giving her the biggest gummy smile. What a flirt! She was amazed that he was so big with only a diet of yummy mommy milk, and encouraged me to sell my delicious liquid gold with a nice picture of my plumpalicious boy next to the ad:-) Besides a little eczema my baby boy is doing perfect. Always a good thing for a mommy to hear.

Recent Kameron Milestones:

  • His first two teeth (bottom front) officially popped through on June 4th.(4 months old)
  • He can roll from front to back and back to front. (4 months old)
  • He is able to sit himself up and stay sitting in a tripod position with a steady head. (6 months old)
  • He babbles a lot. (5 months old)
  • He laughs out loud (cutest boy laugh ever!) (4 months old)
  • He has discovered his feet. (5 months old)
  • July 1st he began sleeping in his crib and did great from the first day. (6 months old)
  • Just in the last week, he has started the process of crawling. He gets on his hand and knees and rocks back and forth, and yesterday he did his first few actual crawl attempts. (6 months old)
  • He has began to eat solids. I broke out the old Beaba Baby Cook and made my first batch of homemade organic baby food for the first time in over a year! I love that machine! (5 months old)
  • He loves to give kisses now. Grabbing your face with his chunky hands and opening his mouth wide for the sloppiest, wettest kisses. 
  • Yesterday, July 16th, he slept through the night for the first time. 11 hours total! (6 months old)
  • He is accurately picking up things, and has much better eye-hand and hand-mouth coordination. 
  • He is VERY needy! Wanting to be held whenever possible.
  • He is tough! Sister innocently dishes out a lot on our poor little man. And Kameron, built tough, takes it all in stride. Never batting an eye.

Broke out the Beaba Baby cook for the first time in over a year!

Over supply of milk. 420oz

As for Miss Kaydence, she is still my dainty, petite little girl. Weighing in at 24lbs (25th%), with a height of 33in (25th%) and a head circumference of 19in (50th%). While she is still on the tiny side, she has finally left the 10th percentile bracket and is growing and thriving well. My shy little girl always comes out in public. Head down, mouth shut, close to mommy, and only using sign language to communicate; she fools everyone. The doctor couldn't believe how well behaved and quiet she was. She was awed by her sign language ability and mesmerizer by her beauty. Constantly repeating, "She is so freaking cute!" I love my daughter with every fiber of my being, and with that said, her halo is definitely held up by her horns. She is like a sour patch kid, sour and sweet. She is feisty, fierce and has the patience and temper of her mama. While on the other hand she is the sweetest, cuddly, happy and loving little girl ever. Besides a small yeast rash Kaydence is also perfectly healthy, and again, mama bear approved of this good bill of health!

Recent Kaydence Milestones:
  • The terrible twos are in full force these days, with tantrums and a screams that could wake the dead. 
  • She can combine 5-7 word English sentences such as: We are going to go drink chocolate milk.
  • She can understand full signed sentences such as: Do you want to go to the store?
  • She can sign 2-3 words sentences such as: Want more milk.
  • She can undress all by herself and dress with some help. 
  • She can climb up and down the stairs.
  • She has successfully learned to jump.
  • She can feed herself with minimal mess.
  • Her speech is about 75% intelligible to strangers.
  • She is officially on a one nap schedule  (has been for about 7-8 months now)
  • She had her first dentist appointment about 3 months ago and the dentist said her teeth were perfect!
  • Her favorite word right now is NO. 
  • Kaydence had her first taste of fast food this month and I hate it! Choosing between hormone filled, deep fried, trans fat chicken nugget mush; or hormone filled, pink slime, mad cow disease beef burgers is a choice I will never make for my child again!
  • Her manners are impeccable. She always says please and thank your in both English and Sign Language, simultaneously. 
  • She can recognize the major shapes (square, rectangle, circle, oval, star, heart, diamond, and triangle)
  • She can recognize the basic colors (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, black, white, pink, orange)
  • She can sing the alphabet and recognize about 10 letters.
  • She can count to 10 in 3 different languages (ASL, English, Greek)
  • She knows her right from left
  • She adores her brother. Constantly smothering him in hugs and kisses. 
  • She is more than ready for potty training but is currently not wanting to do it. (We are going at her pace)

Kaydence's 2nd Birthday was on Sunday, July 15th. We had her party on Saturday, July 14th. You can view the birthday party blog and videos here. Her actual day of birth was very low key and enjoyable. She woke up to a wonderful surprise of over 50 balloons covering her bedroom floor (a tradition that Kev and I began last year on her 1st birthday and will continue for each future birthday of each of our kids). We then went to a local restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast with chocolate milk to wash it down. Later that afternoon Papa bear came over with gifts in tow for both her and daddy (daddy's birthday was July 14th)! Daddy got a pellet gun and Kaydence a play kitchen. We spent the day enjoying the cool slumber of our house. Exhausted from yesterday's festivities and hiding from the hot summer heat. All in all, it was a good day!

Kaydence's 2nd Year of Life Video! Click Here

 Enjoy the latest video of Kaydence and Kameron! Click Here
Happy Week! Stay Cool!

15 July 2012

Summer Birthday Blog!

(Written July 14, 2012)

Click Here for Video of Kaydence's 2nd Birthday!

Click Here for Video Tribute to Kaydence!

Today is a day that I have been stressing about for over a month now! How to decorate? What food to prepare? How many people to plan for? I have put many hours, a lot of hard work, a few tears and even a little bit of blood into this day, and I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out!

Today is my wonderful, amazing and handsome husband's 28th birthday. While hubby is not too crazy about birthdays, and especially not ones that bring him closer to 30, I very much am! The life of a loved one is definitely something to celebrate about, and celebrate I do. I am never one for lavish and expensive gifts. I tend to show my love and appreciation in a much more subtle and creative way. With that said, I totally failed this year on my husbands birthday gift. My darling, sweet baby girl  made her presence into this world just one day after her daddy's birthday, and this has caused quite a dilemma for me this year. I spent so much time planning and preparing for my daughter's big 2nd birthday, that I totally delayed on my husbands gift and sadly it ended up a bust. Lucky for me, daddy wasn't too thrilled about the age his birthday delivered this year, so pretending today was just another ordinary day was exactly what he wanted. Of course his wonderful mama and sister couldn't let the day go unnoticed, so gifts he did receive and thrilled he was!

Mama and KareBear, the gift givers!

I couldn't get him to take a serious picture for crap!

The main event of July 14, 2012 was Kaydence's Birthday Party. She has been talking about this day for months. As early as May, I began the planning process for today. Narrowing down a theme and endlessly searching Google and Pinterest for party ideas. Sesame Street was the ultimate theme choice (decided by Kaydence) and my goodness what I great choice it was. The fun primary colors associated with the theme allowed for a lot of diversity, creativity and inexpensive party options. Most everything (aside from the streamers and balloons) were handmade by yours truly. I am a crafter by nature, so hand making everything I possibly can is always the only option for me. Although I could have done without the late nights, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the fun projects that made this day so special.

Kaydence was thrilled about every detail of the day. From the moment she woke up today, "My Birthday Party" was all she could talk about. Everything from the decorations, party favors, food, and cupcakes were made with her likes in mind; and it was plain to see that she loved every bit of it. It was amazing to see how her eyes lit up with every new streamer, pom, and balloon. Screeching and laughing as she watched the house transform from her humble abode to an amazing party palace.  The dawning of her birthday outfit made it official...Today was HER day! She joyfully and energetically showed off her palace to all new and willing guests. "This is my Elmo balloon, this is my cupcakes, this is my room, this is my Elmo bow!" The joy on my little girls face as she whizzed through three hours of fun, food, gifts and cupcakes made all of the late nights worth it.

Earnie's Rubber Ducky Punch 

Surprisingly today was not an emotional day for me. I thought for sure that the singing of happy birthday to my little firefly, as I watched the flicker of the flame on a number 2 candle would send me over the edge. But it didn't. Not to worry I know for sure that when I wake up tomorrow to the squeal of my little girl discovering over 50 balloons in her bedroom and the reality of the fact that I no longer have a 1 year old, the water works will be on in full force.

She asked for broccoli to wash down her delicious but sweet cupcake!

Cupcakes were a hit for all!

I will attach a the birthday party video to this blog soon, so keep a look out! More birthday fun and tradition to be continued tomorrow. Until then TTFN! 

P.S. Happy Birthday my amazing, wonderful, talented, smart, funny, handsome, skilled, and hardworking daddy and husband. May year 28 be just as rewarding and wonderful as the 27 before. We love you forever and always!