02 May 2012

Play Hard, Love Harder

There are many things people tell you when you fall pregnant for the first time.  Things like "Plan on never sleeping again," or "make sure you stock up on diapers early, you will need them." However, nobody ever tells you about the small things that change. The things that you once took for granted, because quite frankly you never had any idea that these things would or could change.

Nobody ever tells you that peeing alone would be a thing of the past. That as soon as your feet hit the bathroom floor you would have a little person right on your heals sharing you intimate bathroom time or beating on the door begging to get in. "Mommy, mommy using potty."

They don't tell you that for the first few years, showering daily is a thing of the past and doing anything to your hair beside a pony tail is laughable.

Nobody tells you that in the diaper bag you should also include an extra outfit for youself because it is a guarantee that at some point during the day you will have food, snot, tears, throwup, dirt, blood or some other unidentifiable substance on what you were wearing.

They also don't tell you that leaving the house would be a chaotic ordeal that usually involves chasing one child for 20 minutes to get their socks and shoes on while the other child screams their head off. Finally after an hour past the time you planned on leaving, when you think you are all ready to go, one of the kids inevitably poops.

After having children and learning these things out for myself, it is hard to understand why people left these wonderful details out :-)

Kevin and I went out this past weekend for the first time in 6 months. I knew that after children the amount of dates that Kevin and I would get would diminish, but I had no idea that half a year could go by before we were able to get quality husband and wife time. So as you could imagine we were both very excited and grateful for this opportunity. It was a friend of ours birthday, so the evening plans  included dinner followed by drinks. I had a great time relaxing and hanging out with my better half, however, it wasn't too early into the night that my husband and I realized that the bar scene just wasn't us anymore. Girls dressed in their skimpiest outfits, men on the prowl, $7 drinks, loud club music, dirty bar bathrooms, none of this I missed.

Which brings me to my next point. Nobody ever told me that I would prefer dinner and movie over clubs and bars. Nobody ever told me that 7am smiles from my blued eyed bald guy would be much more rewarding than 11am sleep ins. Nobody ever told me that exciting buys would include new cloth diapers and a big boy car seat instead of new shoes and blouse. Nobody ever told me that watching my toddler run freely around the house with no cloths on screaming "naked, naked" would be hours of entertainment and gut busting laughs. People never tell you how your purpose in life changes the minute you lay eyes on your amazing and beautiful child or that everything you once cared about no longer mattered.

After children I have become more empathetic, kind and patient.  I eat better and cherish every moment of life. I am wiser, smarter, and much more hardworking. I hug more, laugh more, and appreciate the little thing much more. I play hard and love harder. And I sure am grateful for the incredible amount of love and blessings I have in my life. I am a better person since having my children. I love being a mother and a wife, and I wouldn't trade a single day for 100 years the other way.


Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide 
forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone

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  1. While reading this my toddler got stuck in a chair she wasn't supposed to be in... pooped ... and threw a bowl of perfectly sliced grapes on her head...YET I couldn't love her anymore...that is until tomorrow!