15 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung...Kinda

Baking, decorating, and crafting have been mainstays in the Tatum household for the past few weeks. Between birthdays and the quickly approaching Easter holiday, I have had a lot of activities to keep me busy during my intermittent and limited free time.

Last week was Mama Tatum's birthday and as a special treat for her and a fun project for me, I decided to attempt my first rainbow cake. Since Mama Tatum has a gluten intolerance, my first challenge was figuring out the ingredients needed to make gluten-free cake mix from scratch. Lets just say after 30 minutes of research, a 5 minute walk to the store, and 1 hour of hopelessly searching for (and never finding) xantham gum, I ended up with a box of Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix (it's the thought that counts right?). The cake was not made from scratch, but the frosting was! I did make the wrong frosting (cream cheese instead of butter cream) but the cake turned out beautiful and delicious:-)

Rainbow cake =  success,  however it can be improved

Happy Birthday, Mama Tatum

Kaydence though it was her birthday! :-D

My next project to tackle was Kevin's request for banana bread. This was an extremely important project to me because all great moms can make a delicious batch of banana bread; if I succeeded I would officially have the banana bread mommy merit badge. Like many moms these days who know what they want to make but have no idea how to begin, I turned to Pinterest for the perfect recipe. After an hour of searching I finally picked a recipe for what would hopefully be the best banana bread my husband ever ate!

What I discovered during my endeavors of making banana bread:
     1. My oven SUCKS and so none of my loaves turned out to my liking.  While yummy and delicious on the inside they were much too dark on the outside and I am all about the presentation as much as the taste.
     2. Out of three batches of banana bread 1 containing nuts, 1 containing chocolate chips and 1 containing cinnamon chips; the cinnamon chip banana bread was by far the better of the three.
     3. Banana bread muffins cook much better in the oven and are great for on the go!

Banana bread = still a work in progress
Banana muffins = success

My final project completed this week was decorating the house for Easter. Yes, although we are under a winter advisory storm as we speak, in my house spring has sprung! There are pastel pom-poms and plastic Easter eggs hanging from my ceiling. The windows are covered in Easter window stickers and homemade Easter egg garland dangles above them. A festive Easter bunny table cloth covers the table and a homemade Easter egg wreath adorns the door. The festive fun feeling of the house has me very excited for Easter. I can't wait for Kaydence's first Easter egg hunt and to see my beautiful kiddos all dressed up. Spring is in the air (although not our weather) and I can't wait!

Sorry pictures were lost! Will update with pictures if they are found!

Happy Thursday! :-)


  1. I love it! So wish I was as creatively patient as you... I'll start fail and give up fairly quickly! So to say the least my crafty side lives through you!!! Kiss the kiddos for me, and tell Ms. Kay "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"LOL

  2. Love the yarn-wrapped eggs! Happy spring (as it snows here in Waterville)!