17 March 2012

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Kaydence has reached the age of exploration. She is beginning to realize that she is fully capable of manipulating her enviornment. It is amazing to see the look of excitement on her face when she realizes the power she has over things in her world. Pushing chairs and furniture, opening and closing doors, climbing into her brothers crib unassiated and even tuning on and off the water faucets are fun for my curious, inquisitive girl. Not only is her physical development taking off, but her mental development is growing by leaps and bounds as well. She is now able to recogize some letters of the alphabet (B, I, K, M, O, T, W, and Y); and she can also count to 3. She can tell you how many things you are holding up (limit of 3), and she recognizes/understands that that 2 comes after 1 and 3 comes after 2. I love being a witness and contributor to her development in all aspects.

Ways we contribute to Kaydence's developmental Growth:

  1. We have the alphabet in every room of the house. Many of her toys are alphabet toys, she has alphabet magnets that go on the refrigerator, her room has and alphabet foam mat, she has foam letters that stick to the side of the bathtub during bath time, and in every room of the house you will most definitely find a children's book of some sort. 
  2. We don't allow Kaydence to watch TV and instead engage her mentally with everything we do. If we are cooking, Kaydence is right there cooking with us. She is learning to count the amount of eggs we need, or measuring the amount of salt. If we are doing laundry she is folding with us or helping to put clothes into the washer/dryer. With all of our day to day activities we like to keep her engaged, while still teaching her and allowing her to have fun. Pretty much, we try to involve Kaydence in everything that we do in some way or another. I feel like this not only teaches her the ways of the world but also makes her truly feel like she is an active member of our family.
  3. We read A LOT!
  4. We have fun creative activities that we like to do with her, such as her Montessori inspired sensory box. A sensory box is a tub that we fill with different sensory items (soft, hard, squishy, cold, cups, funnels, scoops), anything that interests her. For us we change the items/theme in the box seasonally, sometimes monthly depending on the time of the year (October = Halloween, November = Thanksgiving, December = Christmas, etc). With her sensory box she is learning fine motor skills, as well as textures, colors, and functions. She LOVES her sensory box, guaranteed hours of fun:-)

split peas and rice

Kameron is becoming our great big boy. He recently had his two month check up and measured in at 24in long (90th%), 14lbs 3oz (95th%) and head circumference of 16in (75th%). Needless to say, he seems to be growing quite well:-) He definitely has better head control these days and even rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time on March 10, 2012. He is now beginning to smile responsively and responds to and enjoys people. He also is vocalizing during play now with the cutest coos, gurgles, and babble:-) He is constantly inspecting his surrounding and is doing a lot of sucking on his hands (I am hoping to avoid the thumb sucking). Unlike his sister he does not take very well to a paci, which I desperately try to give him (yeah, the whole reducing SIDS thing is my motivation.) Since the Surgery Scare, Kameron has been doing much better. We were given a prescription of zantac by his pediatrician to help with what she believes may be acid refulx. We have also been doing more frequent feedings and more burpings to help minimize any pain or discomfort he may have, and so far he seems to be doing much better. The one thing Kameron loves more than anything is his sister. Whenever she is around he is smiling, cooing, and babbling. If we are holding him and she is near he will lean towards her to be closer. It is almost like he can sense she is a 'little' person like him. I love to see the way Kaydence interacts with her baby brother and adore the way he responds to his big sister. They already seem to be forming a bond, and that makes me one very happy mama:-)

Pick me up, Mama!

Happy Boy

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. He is such a big boy! Isla weighs 15.5 pounds at 8 months! Haha! He's just like Angus- a tanker! So cute!