08 March 2012

My Big Brave Boy

The room is quiet. All that can be heard is the calm 'whooshing' sound coming from the vents, which I am beginning to believe is a purposeful feature. Neither Kevin nor I are speaking. Kevin is calm (or he is feigning it well). He is bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, patting Kameron's butt and talking ever so sweetly to our very hungry and tired little guy. I on the other hand am a nervous wreck. Shaking my leg, biting my nails, and checking the clock every couple of minutes wondering what is taking
so long. It has been a very long day. A day that started out just like any normal day for us. Today I took Kameron to the doctor. He has been constantly hungry, excessively vomiting and inconsolably crying for about 3 weeks now. I believed he may have a food allergy, acid reflux or gas problem. I had hoped that there was something the doctor could have given him or advised me on that could help ease his discomfort. Never did I imagine that today's doctors appointment would turn into a mad rush to Seattle Children's Hospital for possible emergency surgery. However, here we are two hours later praying our little guy will be spared the experience of surgery at only 6 weeks old. The doctors believe that he has Pyloric Stenosis, a condition in which a baby's pylorous gradually swells and thickens, which interferes with food entering the intestine.

A condition that can only be fixed by surgery. We are waiting in our exam room to be taken to the radiology department for Kameron to have an ultrasound of his abdomen. I am trying to keep my mind off the image of my newborn under anesthesia being cut open, but it isn't easy. Despite the fact that we are in a children's hospital, the ER rooms are not very colorful. In fact, besides the colorful jellyfish lamp cover, the room is no different than something I would expect at a community hospital. I have my eyes focused on the tiny blood pressure cuff dangling from the monitor Kameron is hooked up to, when the nurse walks in. We are taken down the hallway,
not far from our room, to the ultrasound room. Unlike the bland ER rooms this room has many colorful characters in it, and even a TV screen with a cartoon of some sort playing to help distract the kids. I nervously watch the ultrasound tech methodically roll her wand over the abdomen on my little guy. I stare intently  at her screen of what seems like one fuzzy blog after another as if I knew what I am looking for. After only a 10-15 minute procedure that Kameron handled very well (no crying and not too much wiggling), we are all done and heading back to or room. We wait again for what seems like forever until we finally received the news...Kameron does NOT have Pyloric Stenosis! I feel like an elephant has been lifted off my chest, and for the first time in 3 hours I can breath. My little guy will not be going through surgery. But as soon as my feeling of ease begins to settle in I quickly realize, we still do not know what is going on. So what is wrong with my son? Well after one x-ray, one bottle of hypoallergenic formula, a TON of nail biting and three more hours of waiting we were given he diagnosis of a food allergy. Ironically, the reason for me going to the doctor this morning. I am given instructions to begin an elimination diet. A diet where I cut out all of the commonly allergenic foods such as corn, soy, eggs, wheat, and dairy for a few weeks until Kameron's symptoms have stopped. I then begin to add these things back into my diet one at a time until one of them trigger a reaction. I will then know what to eliminate from my diet while breastfeeding our little boy. So let the fun begin right?  Well I will do ANYTHING for my son including willingly cutting out something like dairy or wheat or both from my diet for an entire year if that means my little man can still breastfeed and get as much of my precious liquid gold as he can. I happily took this diagnosis over surgery. So yes indeed let the fun begin!

Throughout this whole ordeal my little man was so brave. He wasn't allowed to to eat just in case he needed to go to surgery so all we could give him were these sugar drops. Needless to say, after being the the hospital for 8 hours he was so hungry and I was more than uncomfortable. However, he managed to stay pretty calm and even slept through the x-rays. He was definitely my big brave boy!


We have come to learn that Kameron, at this point in his life, does not have a food allergy. It is believed that he has some sort of a gas or reflux issue which we have been handling with smaller more frequent feedings and more burping. He has his two month check up on March 12, 2012 so we will find out a little more then but at this moment brother seems to be doing much better.


  1. This experience was so beautifully narrated. Sunie and Kevin, you are amazing parents, and I am so proud of all you do my grandson and my granddaughter. Please continue these blogs. Even though I see you often, they totally make my day.