25 March 2012

Do Not Feed The Ducks

What a weekend this has been. One filled with fun, laughter, family, and sun-shiny days!

We began our weekend with a couple trips to the play yard at our local mall. Before having kids I swore to myself I would never take my children to one of those germ infested places, but I guess motherhood has softened me up a bit. There is only so much a toddler can do in a 3rd floor apartment and on days here in Washington when it is too wet to play, I have found that the play yard is a great place to allow Kaydence to release some energy. So I have given in to the dreaded germ yard, however, my hand sanitizer is always close by:-)  Kaydence LOVES the play yard. She screeches as soon as she see the Target sign because she knows it is close by. While sometimes I could do without some of the children and their parents, Kaydence sure does enjoy the interaction and just seeing the smile and excitement on her face as she runs from one obstacle to the next makes me one happy mama:-)

There was a lot of loving going on between Kameron and Kaydence this weekend. The interaction between these two amazing bundles of joy just thrills me!

Today was a great day spent at the duck pond with my most favorite people. This was Kaydence's first real interaction with ducks and Kameron's first nature outing. Kaydence walked the entire mile around the duck pond and even did a little off trail hiking. She sure is quite the adventurer.
(Get ready for a photo dump)

What a great weekend! 

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