28 February 2012

Screw It All!

Ok, I am putting it out there for the world to know...I am a stay-at-home mom and I prefer to keep a clean house. A mortal sin I know! I have no shame in admitting that scrubbing the toilets every other day gives me peace of mind. That doing the dishes (as daunting of a task as they may seem sometimes) makes me happy. That dusting twice a week calms me. And that making all the beds each morning puts a smile on my face. I am an organized, clean person and I love it. For me, everything has a place and unless an item is being used than it needs to be where it belongs. Cleaning is second nature to me. Not something I would like to get around to but something that NEEDS to be done. And as a stay-at-home mom I feel that it is part of my job to make sure my home is clean, organized and presentable. I Just feel better when my house looks, feels, smells and IS clean. I have been seeing many quotes floating around Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and while they are cute and all I don't think they give us "clean" moms a good reputation. I am not a neglectful mom because I clean my house and I don't believe that children are an exuse for a messy one. Just as I don't believe a messy house is indicative of a bad parent.

With all of that said, I am starting to learn that there are times when you just have to say screw it all! Screw the dishes, forget the laundry and to hell with the beds! The days I say forget it all are the days I spend more time with the kids. These are the days that I read more, color more, tickle more, and cuddle more. I adore my children and I LOVE spending time with them and there are just times that I get sick of hearing myself say, "after I finish the dishes" or "hold on one more minute lovebug" or "in a little while sweetheart." I am beginning to learn that while maintaining a clean house is still very important to me there are just some tasks that can wait until later. The laundry will be there tomorrow and forever but I won't always have the cutest 19 month old little girl asking me to read her a book or play peek-a-boo.


I am a clean, tidy and organized mama who occasionally lets her house go awry but absolutely adores her children more than anything in this world. I am not a less attentive mama for maintaining  a clean house and I am not a bad mama for letting it go messy. All any good parent wants is to make sure that their children are healthy and happy, and that is what I strive for each day. I am just a mama, learning to relax and live in the moment. This is my now and that is all I am promised.

So if you will excuse me I now have some toys to leave scattered, beds to be left unmade, and some laundry to neglect.

" A good mom has a sink full of dishes, toys strewn about, laundry to fold, a dirty microwave and a clean conscience." -- Annonomous

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  1. AWWW, Sunie! I'm nearly in tears after reading this blog! You are such a wonderful mom! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to keep everything clean and feeling good about it afterward, but I can only imagine how much better it feels to neglect it all and spend time with your precious baby girl and boy instead! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful family and I love you all very very much!